You do not need to incur a huge expense to redecorate your space. The empty walls in your home offer a lot of possibilities and a few minor, affordable additions can instantly uplift the mood of the room. If you want to turn the bare walls into classic, stylish centerpieces, there are some wall decor ideas you can consider. No matter the style or theme of your home, you can ramp up the walls without breaking your bank. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, a collector of art, or an avid reader, you can customize the walls to always be surrounded by the things you enjoy and adore. Here are a few wall decor ideas to refresh the space.

1. Large art pieces

Consider an oversized photograph or painting for the living room. It will establish the tone for the room and will command attention. You can pick a black and white photograph or add a splash of color with a bright and abstract piece of wall art. Whether you want to add it to the living room or the bedroom, just choose the right size keeping the wall size in mind, and hang it.

2. Gallery wall

Add color and personality to your home with a gallery wall. You can have a display of photographs or art. When creating a gallery wall, it is important to choose cohesive and simple frames to bring a range of variations and mix and match things up. You can extend your gallery to the ceiling and create an illusion of a large space.

3. Accent wall

Besides displaying your favorite objects on the wall, you can also consider decorating the walls. Pick a bright paint color and curate an accent wall. Alternatively, you can add patterns using wallpaper or other paint techniques. It will have a huge impact on the space.

4. Use a fabric

Consider a wall hanging or a tapestry to add a dash of pattern and color in the space. It will also bring softness to the neutral space. If you have pretty textiles or vintage scarves, you can consider framing them. They are easy to move than oversized paintings and will look unique and classy.

5. Mirrors

Adding mirrors to your home can elevate the space instantly. They reflect light and can make a tiny space feel larger. You can consider adding a large mirror or pick small pieces like the ones you see in a salon. However, with multiple mirrors, you will have to get the placement right in order to see optimal results.

6. Mural

Your walls can take you to a different place with a mural. You can opt for a covering or hand paint it, the mural will make a huge impact on the space. It is gaining a lot of popularity these days and is seen across several cafes and restaurants.

7. Shelves

In case you have no space for a bookshelf, you can take the collection to a wall. Simply install a floating shelf and place your books, photos, and sculptures on it.

8. Plates

Do not hide your fine china inside the kitchen cabinet! Show it off by hanging them on your wall. You can use the plate hangers for your favorite dishes and platters. Those who often collect design plates can consider it as a great way to display their collection.

9. Sculptural scones

You can use scones to add a new element of light without occupying a lot of area on the side table or the floor. Pick a stylish design that can also work as a sculpture and adds style and light to the room.

10. Plants

The plants in your house do not always have to be placed on the table or windowsill. You can consider hanging them or pick wall-mounted planters and add greens to the space. You can find many plants that do not need a lot of maintenance.

11. Wall calendar

All of us have calendars at home and you can use one to add style and color to your space. Pick a large calendar for the kitchen or office wall. It will add functionality to the space and will also become a unique element in the room. Opt for bold and bright calendars that have a contemporary look and an interesting element.

12. Giant chalkboard or whiteboard

Add functionality to your home with a large chalkboard or whiteboard. It will add a rustic charm to the room and you can use it to make to-do lists. A whiteboard is a modern alternative and is available in various prints and shades.

Consider these 12 ideas to decorate the plain walls of your home or office. Pick the right style and size keeping your preferences and the available space in mind.

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