Last month I did a blog post sharing some of my favorite design books, where some of you commented shared the books they loved in the comments. I took the opportunity of a recent giveaway to ask you what are your favorite design books. Here is the list of books, needless to say that I’ll buy a couple of those.

1. Logo Design Love

Recommended by Rollerpimp.

2. Information Dashboard Design

Recommended by Steve Robillard.

3. Lettering & Type: Creating Letters and Designing Typefaces

Recommended by Emma Hart.

4. Visual Language for Designers

Recommended by Evan.

5. This Means This, This Means That

Recommended by Mike Robert.

6. Making and Breaking the Grid

Recommended by Fiona Edge.

7. Joomla! 1.5: A User’s Guide

Recommended by Matthew Locke.

8. Designer & the Grid

Recommended by Leban.

9. The Elements of Typographic Style

Recommended by Buruno.

10. Idea Index: Graphic Effects and Typographic Treatments

Recommended by Keri.

11. Design Writing Research

Recommended by Oriane.

12. The Wayfinding Handbook: Information Design for Public Places

Recommended by Kristen E.

13. Projektowanie Graficzne w Polsce (in polish)

Recommended by Piotr.

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