The variety of plugins and tutorials available for jQuery never cease to amaze me. I’ve been looking for some new plugins, so I extended my research a bit to share these cool jQuery plugins with you. If you need more, you can take a look a these jQuery scripts to improve your site’s interface, or at the jQuery scripts for your portfolio.

1. TN3 Gallery

Probably one of the best jQuery image gallery on the web, a paid script but well worth the price.

2. jQuery Captify

The beautiful and simple way to display captions to images on rollover.

3. Feature list plugin

Lightweight script to create a featured list of articles on your website.

4. Contactable

A jQuery plugin that makes it much easier to add forms on your website and validation in the form.

5. jQuery AutoSuggest

Help your visitors to search your website or add tags by using this plugin.

6. Dropdown Check List

Transforms a regular select html element into a dropdown checkbox list, this will definitively improve the usability of your forms.

7. jQTouch

Ever designed for the iPhone? If you get the chance to, don’t forget to use this plugin.

8. Thumbnail with fading caption

Another caption effect, perfect to create captions for thumbnail galleries.

9. Supersized gallery

A great way to display photos and artworks. Supersized gallery is a jQuery plugin to create a gallery/slideshow adapted to the browser size, with nice transition effects and other features.

10. jqDock

This plugin transforms a set of images into a Mac dock like menu.

11. jQuery Popup Bubble

A nifty popup bubble, easy to add on your website.

12. jQuery tooltip

Enabling tooltips with one line of javascript. The script uses the title attribute, so your tooltip will show even if javascript is disabled in the browser.

13. Interactive map with jQuery

Interactive maps are often made using the Flash technology, this will hopefuly change with this type of plugin.

14. jQuery ScrollTo

Scroll to any element into your window, useful if you want to create one of these huge pages portfolio.

15. jQuery ZoomTabs

Tabs slide up when you hove the image and add a little zoom effect to it, great for news websites.

16. Randomised background scrolling effect

A bit slow to load (at least in my case), but the effect looks good.

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