Lots of websites use mascots in their header, but my feeling is that mascots are not so frequent in logo design. This round-up presents some well designed logos that use a mascot.

1. Yeti snowboard club

2. Clowntale

3. Napoleon sushi bar

4. Grrrafix

5. Recipe Bot

6. Antartica

7. Brandoodle

8. iBox man

9. ClockingBird

10. Airomo

11. Tuna

12. Beast media

13. gatto picante

14. Ninjava

15. Monkey Business

16. Mariolle

17. Canina

18. Archery Center

19. Zoorganic

20. Moovies

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Mirko Humbert is the editor-in-chief and main author of Designer Daily and Typography Daily. He is also a graphic and web designer based in Fribourg, Switzerland, as well as the co-founder of We Jobshare.

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