Every business has its own stationery set that is made up of envelopes, business cards and letterheads. These are personally designed to look creative and make a statement in introducing the company. It is important that designs would match one another to maintain consistency and create a more corporate look.

One of the most noticed parts of this set is the letterhead which fully represents your company and message. This is where you place the text that you are sharing to your reader. With this, you can easily create a good impression on your client especially when you invest on its design.

Even famous businesses and people would spend time to have their personalized letterheads. You may be surprised at how they design their stationery in a way that would fully describe their personality.

You may find it interesting to have a glimpse of what the top brands and known icons use when sending mails. So, we offer you a quick compilation of some letterhead designs that have been on the working tables of famous names.

Great letterhead designs

Walt DisneyĆ­s Wonderful World of Color, 1961

The Star Wars Corporation, 1976

Adolf Hitler, 1934-1945

Albert Einstein, 1932

Helen Gurley Brown, 1971

Jackie Collins, 2002

Princess Diana, 1997

Marilyn Monroe, 1958

Muppets, Inc., 1963

Playboy, 1955

MTV Animation, c.1995

Sesame Street, 2007


Charles Schulz, 1958

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1989

J. K. Rowling, 2009

Pixar Animation Studios, 2003

Amsterdam News

Ferry Porsche, 1974

William S. Harley, 1936

We hope that you were inspired by these samples to have your own creative set of letterheads for personal or business mailing.

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