trojan house

Big media will often give a lot of attention to huge architectural projects like towers in Dubaï or Shanghai. In this list provided by essay writing services by CustomWritings, I’d like to give some exposure to some more human-scaled cool houses.

1. Alpine Hut

alpine hut

Wonderful alpine hut by slovenian architecture studio Ofis Arhitekti.

2. Sliding house

sliding house

Sleek and minimalist approach to adaptable living, created by dRMM studio.

3. Reflection of Mineral

mineral house

Reflection of Mineral has received wide architecture and design media attention and numerous international awards, it was designed by architect Yasuhiro Yamashita .

4. Byron Bay House

byron bay

Located on one of the most famous australian beaches, this house combines eco-friendly materials with modern architecture, by McKay+Partners LLP.

5. Hangar Prefab

hangar prefab

For the nomads out there, the wonderful prefab hangar.

6. Swiss Chalet

swiss chalet

The perfect place to spend some time isolated from the world.

7. Tea house

tea house

A tea house in Prague, great work by A1Architects.

8. Marinette Residence

marinette residence

Not revolutionary, but a nice house by Atelier V.

9. Mummy Mountain

mummy mountain

A house with a view, make sure you take a look at the development on their website.

10. 5ive


When building your home becomes an opportunity to change your lifestyle, architecture by Shelter.

11. Metamorfosis 1

wooden house renovation

Lovely renovation of a wooden house.

12. Camouflage house

camouflage house

How about a house that really integrates with the environment?

13. Drift Bay House

drift bay house

A beautiful house in an amazing place.

14. Castlerock Crescent Clontarf

castlerock crescent

Superb house by Molnar Freeman studio.

15. Taylor Smith architects

taylor smith

You got to love the display of the wooden structure.

16. The Trojan House

trojan house

Pretty impressive house, looks like it’s about to fall.

17. Dairy Barn Renovation

dairy barn renovation

18. Yakisugi House

fujimori yakisugi

Residence based in Nagano, with a tea room located in the tower.

19. OUTrial House

outrial house

A house from Poland covered with grass.

20. Khyber Ridge House

khyber ridge house

Awesome integration to the landscape for this home in British Colombia.

21. Eggo-House

eggo house

A garden anyone would want to have.

22. Shell House

shell house

Futuristic architecture from Japan.

23. Hollywood Hills Home

hollywood hills

Modern design with amazing views.

24. Modern Glass Home

modern glass home

A beautiful glass home with a tower in Krakow, Poland.

25. House with an outdoor home theater

home theater

An outdoor home theater on a house, who wouldn’t want it?

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