Wix is without a doubt the most famous website building tool nowadays. It has millions of users for a good reason, it’s a powerful tool that makes website creation very accessible to anyone who knows how to use a computer. One of the reasons for Wix’s success is that all their tools can be used by both professionals and amateurs and that they can help you build business sites. They showed it again with their logo maker, which is an incredible addition to their business tools. In this post, we look at a few of the more recent additions made by Wix to their website creation arsenal and look at the advantages of each.

1. The Wix Logo Maker

Branding is much more than just a logo, it’s a process that involves coherent visual efforts to give a strong and unique identity to your company. However, no company will have decent branding without having a good business logo.

If you don’t have the budget for a graphic design, you will need to find a way to design your own logo. For that, you will need to find the right kindĀ of tool. The Wix Logo Maker is perfect for this kind of task. Unlike many design tools that allow you to design a wide range of visuals, Wix’s tool was built with logo design in mind.

The main advantage of this tool is the simplicity of use. No learning curve is needed, you can get started immediately. Simply enter your business name, add a tagline if you want and follow the process. Wix Logo Maker will try to get a better grasp of your taste by showing you some logo inspiration, then it will make some proposal. If you find a logo that you find nearly suitable, you can then process to edit it will the logo editor that allows you to change shapes, colors, sizes, and positioning.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, this tool produces professional files that you can use beyond your website. The logo can be exported as an SVG file that can be used at any size for print.

2. Wix Artificial Intelligence Design (ADI)

The “traditional” Wix editor was already known for its simplicity, I’ve seen many friends with no web dev background start using it in a matter of minutes. Most companies would have stopped their efforts there, but Wix took it one step further and built a new editor based on artificial intelligence.

If you are a user, you can choose to start using the Wix ADI editor from your admin interface. Just like for the logo making tool, the Wix ADI will assist you in non-technical ways, making it even easier to create a web design that has exactly the look-and-feel need for the type of messages you want to convey. In short, the Wix ADI will not only make your website look better and more efficient, it will also make the creation process much quicker.

3. Wix Code

As usual, Wix also thought of people who want to take their website even further when releasing new tools. Wix Code is their latest addition in order to make novices and developers happy by allowing them to extend the functionalities of the website on their own. In your admin panel, you can activate this wonderful feature by going to Wix Editor > Code > Developers Tools.

Wix Code was built for all users, novices and advanced users. It gives you the chance to add features otherwise unavailable using the available tools or by coding them yourself. This way, you can create dynamic pages with more user interaction, build forms that interact with the database easily, or add custom interactions that make the user experience better. Databases are probably one of the key features of Wix Code, as they can make you save a lot of time. We should also not forget to mention an important functionality, the possibility for developers to use the Wix API to take advantage of the website builder’s power.

You will also be pleased to know that Wix provides in-depth documentation on the usage of Wix Code, as well as video tutorials to learn how it works to finally take advantage of user data.

Bonus: the Wix App Market

The App Market is an ecosystem that allows developers to offer extra features that not all websites will need. It is incredibly powerful as it basically gives you the chance to build anything you could dream of with Wix. Whether you want to handle events on your website, add a booking system to it or add a chat for support, it is possible, thanks to the App Market. Some tool are free and some are paid, but the paid ones are definitely worth the money. Among the tools, you will also find some powerful marketing and automation tools that are already included into the Wix ecosystem, making implementation very fast and easy.

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