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After recently writing about logo design, I thought that it would be good to give examples of what are good logos. Of course, many of these don’t respect some of the basic tips and still look great. As my design teachers used to say: “Once you know the rules, it’s time to break them”.

logo zip

Clever letter replacement to express the concept of the word. Found here.


Obvious lack of readability, but still featured here: am I crazy? Well, I would argue that the logo looks good, has a strong identity and makes me want to watch the movie, which is the most important. Found here.

big ugly wolf logo

The abbreviation of the 3 words brand is used to form the lower part of a wolf head, making it both a logo and a cute mascot. Found here.

action now logo

While the typography of this logo isn’t all that great, the illustration on it is awesome. It expresses movement, action and solidarity. Found here.

ryan biggs

The “B” used as the shadow of the “R”, simply brilliant. Found here.


Simple square typography, meaningful and efficient logo. Found here.

music logo

I have to admin that I LOVE this logo. The WM looks wonderful, and I’m a big fan of the font used. Found here.

logo of the museum of london

I think this one is more a great corporate identity than really a logo. However it does look good and the concept is brillian. Found here.

foldit logo

Although I’m not sue about the shadows and shades of this one, I think it does look good and make sense. Found here.

talkmore logo

Nice way to introduce the pullquotes into the word, combining meaning and branding. Found here.

pushkin pictures logo

This one is just funny, I like it (and it looks good too). Found here.

mfi logo

Good use of typographic ornaments to create some movement in the logo design. Found here.

eight logo

Simple logo with nice looking type design, got to love the ligature. Found here.

dresden dolls logo

Probably too many colours if this was a corporate logo, but the hand drawn style looks perfect for the Dresden Dolls. Found here.

jan madsen logo

When white space merges two words in a single block, nice clean logo. Found here.

found gallery logo

I’m not even sure why I like this logo, but I find it very cool. Found here.

kennedys logo

Vintage looking logo, way to keep the traditional feeling. Found here.

cattleyard logo

Complicated logo, not following logo design rules, but still looking great. Found here.

kitestring logo

Nice looking origami-like letters, good integration with the typography. Found here.

foodphoto logo

When 3 ideas are expressed in one image: food, photography and blogging. Nicely done. Found here.

norah jones logo

Endless loop mixing a “n” and a “j”. Many seem to dislike it, but I find it good. Found here.

mansion logo

This minimalistic logo is just simply beautiful, well-balanced and strong. Found here.

iron duck logo

Nice transformation of a coat hanger into a duck. Found here.

food writers logo

Like for the food photographers logo, a nice combination of two ideas in one for the food writers logo. Found here.


This one is just brilliant, no need to say anything about it. Found here.

friedman logo

Logo for a psychology group, the drawing lets you see either a butterfly or two facing people. Nice. Found here.

message logo

“Message” logo, fine looking and simple. Found here.

vocal groups logo

Playful and colourful logo for a choir. Not slick looking but very efficient. Found here.

elevate logo

Even a night club can have a logo that rocks, this one is just great. Found here.

ghost elephant logo

Talk about simplicity? This minimal elephant is awesome by it abstract form. Found here.

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