If you find Barbie to be transmitting the worst kind of stereotypes about women, you may enjoy this project. Lao Zheng has been creating detailed 3D printed medieval armors for Barbie dolls.

The Kickstarter project, named Faire Play, was funded a while ago, so the backers will be getting brand new armors for their Barbie dolls. However, the real goal of the project was not to run a 3D printing factory and sell armors, but to distribute digital files that 3D printing afficionados will be able to print themselves.

The files will be distributed under a CreativeCommons license, so people will be able to share it, print it and modify it any way they want. For others who don’t own a 3D printer, they can already buy the Faire Play bow and quiver from Shapeways, with other items that may follow (or not).





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