Isn’t it surprising that with 3D printers, we can actually print the necessary products for our day-to-day activity? Whether it’s your coffee mug or the flower pot, it’s incredible to see a printer, printing it like the real one! Almost everyone would like to have this printer at their home, but the sky-high price would not let them fulfill their wish. However, today in this blog post, we have come up with thorough research and here’s the list of 5 affordable 3D printers. You can now start experimenting your 3D printing!

1. Phoenix 3D Printer

The Phoenix 3D printer is a feature packed printer that is perfect for your home. The key features such as large build volume 250w x 215d x 200h mm)  (9.8″ wide x 8.5″ deep x 7.9″ tall), reliable RAMBo electronics, rewind feature and easy to use software, make it a great way to start 3D printing at your home.


2. The Buccaneer

The Buccaneer 3D printer is a Wi-Fi enabled printer hat allows you to communicate with it through android and iOS app. You can easily set the desired product’s requirement in the app and enjoy 3D printing.

The Buccaneer

3. RigidBot

The RigidBot 3D Printer is a super customizable printer that consumer can use for day to day activities. There’s no limitation in creativity of your design and printing with this printer. Either create your own design or search online for free designs to save your time.


4. MakiBox

The MakiBox 3D printer is an affordable and dependable printer which is very good for newbies in 3D printing. Though it is partially assembled, you can get the work done in no time. However, it has the printing dimension of 150mm wide x 110mm deep x 90mm tall only. Thus, with this printer, you can print the small things only.


5. Printrbot

If MakiBox has limited you to size, then Printrbot is the perfect solution for you. It comes with 4 different variations of different size and features. These are customizable that work with both ABS and PLA filaments to print your 3D creations.


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