Christmas is coming, and if you plan to order the gifts from the Internet you don’t have much time left. For those of you who have a relative who is a designer, here are a couple of ideas for things to consider.

1. This book

If your designer friend is into printing or letterpress, he or she will love this book.


2. Swiss army knife with USB

A pretty sweet gadget that’s easy to carry around with you.


3. A camera

Important tool for many designers, and even if they don’t need it for work it’s sweet to receive a camera for christmas.

4. Inkling by Wacom

An amazing pen. You just draw on paper in an old-fashion way, then the Inkling saves all your pen movements and sends your drawing to your computer. It’s just as simple as that. Get it on Amazon.

5. Shadow Type

Steven Heller’s new book on type, this time discussing shadow type.


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