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How you brand your business is one of the main ways to stay ahead of your competition. Many businesses spend a great deal of time, money, and resources on finding a memorable brand name, logo, color palette, and overall brand identity.

However, establishing a brand is simply the first step, and businesses must go beyond aesthetics to succeed in the market. These five trends will help you expand your brand in 2021:

Adapt your logo

Having a physical business and promoting it online through ads is far from sufficient. If your goal is to succeed in the digital space, you’ll need to be active online, particularly on social media. 

This pushes many businesses to lean towards more versatile logos. You can develop a main logo to utilize on your website and then produce a smaller, simpler version of it that you can use on Instagram.

Minimal branding

In recent years, minimalism has swept the globe by storm, with everyone attempting to lead an organized lifestyle. The idea appears to have touched the corporate world, as many firms have begun to simplify their logos.

Airbnb, for example, had its logo redesigned in sans-serif, one of the most popular styles that represent minimalism. Popular fashion companies like Balenciaga and Balmain did the same. Here are some more examples of a minimalist design to get inspired.

Be nostalgic

In this digital era, branding trends that rely on nostalgia are becoming popular. It’s used as a contrasting theme in the marketing campaign because an overwhelming number of consumers desire to relive the sensations of the past. You can evoke these old recollections and associate good sensations with the services or products that you offer by employing nostalgic brand marketing. Brands like Nike, Tesco, Adobe, Spotify, and Netflix have used nostalgia to cater to the emotions of the consumers. 

Visual emphasis

Humans are inherently better at remembering visuals than they are at remembering any other type of information. However, from the standpoint of brand marketing, this doesn’t guarantee the required engagement from the people you target. 

According to a study released by HubSpot,  branded pictures can attract 67% more attention than advertising and other promotional content. Branding visuals have a high recall value and they’re designed to promote your business without being overly salesy.

Branding on Social Media

The accessibility of the internet has paved the way for a culture revolving around social media. This might be the reason why 90% of businesses use social media to raise their brand recognition. 

It’s important to pay attention to the way your services are laid out on various platforms and see how you can address the shortcomings of your competitors. Along with social media branding, you should also focus on the design of your website. An award-winning website design agency will help you create a comprehensive and consistent brand image.

These five branding trends have the potential to redefine how people perceive your business. If your execution is done well, you should be able to build a more memorable brand in 2021 and beyond.

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