Branding is a crucial element for every company’s future. By definition, it can be explained as a marketing tool (symbol, name or design) that can be used for recognition of one’s company. But in reality, it’s more than that.

If a company isn’t attractive just by browsing it on the internet, you’re doing it wrong as a brand designer. Here are some basic rules on why branding is such an important concept both for you and your clients and what all brand designers or branding design agencies San Francisco should know.

1. Be Simple but Unique

The rule says it all. The design should not overwhelm the actual company because, after all, it’s only a marketing tool and not the actual service. But at the same time, that’s why it’s so important for it to be recognizable and unique.

Take Coca-Cola for example. The colors (red and white) are so simple at first but combined with the font of the words they are unique and recognizable. Now, that is good design.

2. Quality Over Quantity

It is an old saying but it is true. Nothing turns off the client faster than low-quality design or disharmony and mess all over the design.

Instead, it should be neat and exciting at the same time. The organization is the key for it, and the creativity too. These two go hand in hand and end with a *nearly* perfect result.

3. Watch out for the Grammar

Spelling mistakes are the worst. On the other hand, if you put it in a more harsh way, it is killing your brand. Even though it is a human trait not to be perfect, design as a concept needs to be in the hands of someone who seeks perfection and empirical evidence because designers, in other words, are creative scientists.

4. Colors Matter

The color is the first thing that the client notices. So yes, it is pretty important. There is something called “color psychology” that affects the client’s behavior and mood. Take the brand Gucci as an example.

Without the representative colors mixed in their designs all the time, no matter the season or clothes’ gender, it would be nothing. The red color is one of the 3 Gucci colors and it represents energy and passion, as said by the psychologists.

The other two are gold and green, which represent good luck and achievement. So, based on that, the Gucci colors are doing a pretty good job because, after all, it’s an A-list clothing brand worn by celebrities such as Beyoncé and Brad Pitt.

5. Inspiration and Thirst for Constant Learning

There is something new that we all learn every day. But, the lust for knowledge is what makes a good designer.

With the constant seeking for it, there comes the inspiration too which can be from pretty much anywhere. It upgrades your skills and makes life more interesting. Isn’t that a win-win?


The brand design is what sets you apart from the other designers and brands. Talent is needed, but hard work is even more important because it can overcome the natural skill and ability if you try your best.

The design should accurately portray the company and be attractive at the same time; that is the only way the design can be successful. At the end of the day, success is what everyone is going towards, right?

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