For an online casino to be successful in the US, it has to carefully consider the design principles it uses to create a platform that provides a superb experience for its users. Here are five ways US online casinos incorporate some of the key design principles.

1. They Make Sure the Overall Design Is Not Overpowering

While glitz, glamor, and bright lights are associated with the casino industry, US online casinos know not to overdo the attention grabbers. When an online site is too busy and too full of bright lights and colorful content, it can actually put visitors off.

US online casinos make use of effective visuals and written content without overloading pages. They ensure items are spaced well, font sizes are carefully considered, and visitors can easily scan and view the visual and written information.

It’s a tricky balance to provide enough information to ensure visitors are enticed and drawn in to start playing games while not overdoing it, but that’s why US online casino operators hire expert UX and UI designers. In a nutshell, US online casino sites know that pages should be simple and not overpowering if they are to succeed in their mission of attracting and retaining visitors. Check out the best usa online casinos in more detail here to see how they effectively utilize UX design principles. 

2. They Know About the Psychology of Color

Every advertisement you see uses color to send subliminal messages, and website design is no different. For instance, red can trigger feelings of passion and power, while gold can indicate luxury or luckiness. The psychology of color is an intricate part of design, so professional designers for online casinos in the US use their knowledge of color psychology to achieve effective UX design.

Red and gold are often used by online casino operators in the US. Black is often utilized too because the color suggests wealth and sophistication. Other colors are avoided. For instance, blue can appear too conservative and is best reserved for businesses like banks and insurance companies. Pale colors are usually avoided by US online casinos, too, because they can signal weakness rather than the empowerment people feel from looking at bold colors.

3. They Use Carefully Selected Photography

This may seem like a small thing, but when online casinos use pictures of people who are happy or winning a jackpot, visitors to the platform will identify with the people in the photos and will be more likely to register.

Like color, humans and their behavior are used psychologically within marketing. You may not have noticed, but smiles are littered throughout marketing campaigns to make the potential buyer smile within and be more likely to purchase the product.

The same applies to online casinos. When they use photos of happy, winning people, they create emotional responses in the people looking at the pictures. 

4. They Consider the Customer Journey

Design principles are of course not only about things like fonts, colors, visuals, and white space. The customer journey must also be taken into account. At the end of the day, US online casinos know their sites must be easily navigable and easy for visitors to complete calls-to-action.

From registering with the site to finding the types of games they want to play, people want online casino sites to be effortless to use. If it’s difficult for visitors to find the games or information they are after or if the registration process is too lengthy and complex, those visitors will most likely ditch the site for a competitor.

The best US online casinos make sure people only have to take the bare minimum number of steps to complete actions and that each step is simple to do. By doing so, the online casinos can significantly increase customer retention and their bottom lines.

5. They Make Sure the UX Design Is Relevant for Different Devices

More and more people are playing online casino games like blackjack and roulette on their smartphones and other mobile devices, in addition to their laptops, so in this day and age, every US online casino operator has to make sure the website design works across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

Professional UX designers use responsive design to adjust the site according to the needs of people playing games on different devices, with varying screen sizes, accessibility factors, and other differences. By using things like HTML 5 and CSS 3 technologies, US online casinos ensure the games are compatible across varying devices.

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