Video is one of the most powerful media of communication a marketer can use. For a growth-oriented business owner or marketer like you, learning to leverage video as a means of communicating your business’s message is a priceless strategy.

It’s not coincidental that the past few years have seen the rapid growth of content platforms that are primarily video-based. It’s reflective of what the target market, in general, is willing to consume, and therefore what your business should focus on.

Once you start to develop video ads for your business, the likelihood of them being watched and responded to will improve dramatically. It’s a good thing you don’t have to do it alone from scratch as there is a broad range of applications and software such as the free video maker app by Boosted to help you through this big leap for your business. To make this even more worthwhile, here are 6 reasons marketing videos can enhance your business:

1. It’s Brain Science

You have already seen this; if an object makes any sudden movement towards your face, your eyelids will typically close by reflex. This is a self-preservation instinct that makes your eyes highly sensitive and responsive to motion.

Lucky for you, this same instinct can be used to your advantage. We encounter most of our surroundings through our eyes anyway, so it’s worth knowing what they respond to best.

While pictures do have a degree of impact, it’s video that works best. This is because of the added element of motion in a video. It’s more capable of grabbing a viewer’s attention than any other digital marketing medium you can use. It commands a viewer’s attention immediately and this is what you want any advert for your business to do for you.

2. People Are More Likely To Make A Purchase After Watching A Video

After setting up an online platform, you don’t want to just attract traffic. You also want to convert that increased traffic on your website into actual sales. Video is the tool best positioned to help you achieve this goal.

Studies have shown that by including a video in a sales campaign, your business becomes likely to increase its conversions by 80%. It has further been shown that the sale of a product accompanied by an explainer video prompted 74% of the people who played that video to make a purchase.

These are statistics too great to sweep off under the rug. As the adage goes, “Numbers don’t lie,” and here, they are in favor of you as you utilize video for marketing.

3. Video Improves Your Google Search Rankings

A visitor is more likely to stay on your platform when you use video content and this exposure reflects in search engine rankings. Plus, Google, the biggest search engine, now owns YouTube so videos are invariably more privileged now than they were before.

This means that if you intend to make it through millions of content on the internet to the eyes of your potential client, you must start befriending and taking advantage of video content. You want to pay close attention to what the biggest search engine is also paying attention to. If you use this to your advantage, you will save your business from drowning in the sea of Google results and start to lead the pack when a person searches for what you offer.

4. You Can Explain Anything Better On Video

Try explaining a relatively complex point over text and you are most likely to disengage your readers.

The long-form text has this very big disadvantage when compared to video; it gets boring and tedious quickly. Video, on the other end, can explain even the most complicated message in a more palatable way. This means people are more willing to watch a long video than they are to read a very long text-based ad.

Explainer videos take a more educational approach, breaking down the complex features and benefits of the product in a way that is easy for consumers to understand.In short, explainer videos are more than just product, they give a larger vision to viewers; the problem, the solution and the value the product provides. By integrating explainer videos for SaaS business or tech-related products which are more complex to understand, you can generate more leads and convert sales.

In addition to using video in your regular marketing, try embedding an explainer video on your website if your business has the need for it. You will love the improved reactions to your marketing!

5. Your Video Ad Is More Likely To Get Shared

On video, you can be more relatable by sounding less fact-based—using a more personal approach that connects with clients more. Humans are emotional beings, if you are able to tap into their ability to feel something through your marketing, you are already halfway to your success.

Studies have shown that people are more likely to share videos because of their enhanced emotional element. Your business analytics will smile from all the new attention you’ll get when you begin using this powerful tool.

6. A Mobile User Is More Likely To Open A Video Ad

At least 90% of people who access video do so using mobile phones. This is not merely because their phones are most handy. It’s because a person with a phone is probably on the go and your best chance of communicating with that person is to use a medium most compatible with their speed. Video suits this function best!

Good News For Your Business

Your business can get the audience, traction, and sales it needs if you start prioritizing video ads in your marketing. And it’s not that difficult to make this shift in your content. All you really need is a camera, a good tripod, a great video app or editing software, and a creative video marketing strategy, and you are all set for greatness!

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