Help Authoring software, commonly referred to as “HAT” (help authoring tool), are software programs used by technical writers to create e-learning courses, documentation, FAQs and online help topics easily.

HAT is available in basic and advanced versions, with extra auxiliary functions like automatic table contents, image hotspot editing, automatic or assisted index generation, increased security functions, analytics tools and more.

It is obvious that HAT is a unique solution for content writers, and that there are several advantages which come with using a help authority software; these include: 

1. Filing System

Help authoring software helps in file input either by obtaining their source text or allowing the author to create the text within the tool. It can accept ranges of files from different sources of file formats like PDF, HTML, CHM, Docs formats, and so on. Check out this blog for reviews on the best authoring software and tools. 

2. Time-Saving

A HAT helps save time and effort with its single-source and topic-based feature. It reduces time and effort to produce documentation, making it easy to write, edit and update a text once and compile it into different formats. It lets you create, manage and distribute your articles on time.

3. Avoid Unnecessary Coding

There is no need to start your work from scratch, as help authoring software comes with readymade coding templates, and you can easily find the ones with features suitable for your work. You do not have to go through the stress of building a platform from scratch.

4. Multi-language

Going multi-language is easy when using the right authority tool. You can switch between languages to easily manage a multilingual help desk team and customers worldwide. It also allows you to create multiple language versions of your documentation easily.

5. Improves your SEO

A help authority software helps to create a content hierarchy with indexes or tables of contents, link related content and expand on common topics. This will encourage people to visit your websites often and easily on Google, as Google is known to display websites based on their well-composed, interlinked and keyword content. 

6. Intranet

HAT also works as an intranet. It will serve as a hub where your organization and team can work together in one portal where you share important files, procedures, and other functions to get your work done in unison without being distracted. It makes working with your team easier through the use of the same user guide at the same time. 

7. Best Help Authoring Software

You are probably wondering how to find the best help authoring software available. Here are some of the best options: 

  • Open-source Software
    The best help authoring software tool for designing is open-source software as it has different application tools like “draw” for creating logos, animations, “Inkscape” for editing notes, “GIMP” for image composition, “Kivio” for creating flowcharts, and many more application tools for different functionality.
  • The Cloud Tutorial
    When it comes to creating your articles without having to perform the coding, the cloud tutorial is one of the best choices. Its user management is simple; it helps analyze reports on your writings, organizes your manuals and comes with a smart search feature.
  • Adobe RoboHelp
    This software is suitable for people who want to create a responsive website for their help documentation using the auto-generated code. It guides users through customization options and features, auto-completing search suggestions and project management tools for content overview help.
  • Dr.Explain
    Software developers commonly use DR.Explain. It comes with a multilingual interface with nine different languages, keyboard shortcuts for exporting to different formats and advanced screen capture for capturing and annotating web pages. It also supports different font faces, including Unicode, making it possible to create documentation in Arabic and Chinese languages.
  • Paligo
    This is the best choice for technical documentation. It has advanced features like XML, authoring, versioning, content management functions, topic-based reuse of content, and workflow tools to review drafts, translations, and comments. 
    It integrates not only through channels like HTML and PDF, but also for sales tools like Zendesk, Freshdesk and sales force.
  • HelpSmith. 
    HelpSmith is a good choice for simple web pages and documentation. It has functions like spell checker, multi-language support, screenshot tool, customizable web layouts and documents templates. However, it is not advisable to be used as an advanced technical writing tool.


As highlighted above, there are several reasons why you should consider using help authority software. It is critical to know exactly what you need from a help software authoring solution aligned with what is right for your business needs before venturing into one. to get the most out of all of its features.

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