Marketing is the lifeblood of any startup, and certain marketing mistakes have the potential to bring your new business crushing down. In the preliminary stages of launching a new business idea, entrepreneurs are prone to make marketing mistakes. This is because nine times out of ten, the founder of the startup is not a marketing expert.

Avoiding these mistakes saves you months of trying to salvage the situation. Working with marketing specialist helps you circumvent these mistakes. Are you an expert article writer? Writezillas allows you to write jobs that work for you.

1. Jumping too quickly into Big Marketing

Everyone who launches a startup wants it to succeed. That is why most founders find themselves jumping to big marketing too soon. But for you to take the industry by storm, you have to follow a tried and tested procedure.

This is a common marketing mistake startup founders make and they end up messing with your budget before they get their idea off the ground. Spending too much too soon sets you up for targets your small business is incapable of meeting.

Don’t gamble on what you think might work; instead, take your time to learn the market and which marketing channel is suited for your business.

2. Marketing Through the Wrong Channels

If you take your time to understand which channels works best for your business, you won’t waste time and energy marketing on the wrong platform.

The number of channels you can use to connect with prospects are unlimited. However, not all of them can work for you. Determine where your target audience is and how best you can get their attention.

3. Hiring an In-Staff Marketing Team too soon

Every startup up founder wants to work with the best marketing team. However, hiring an in-staff marketing team too soon is a bad idea.

As a small business, you cannot afford to invest in high-caliber marketing specialists. Turn to the low-cost options to ensure you don’t exhaust the capital you set aside to get the business off the ground.

4. Spending too Much Time Perfecting the Brand Image

As a startup, the last thing you should do is rebrand. Since your business is not established yet, brand image is the least of your worries.

Even though you need to introduce your business to the market, there is such a thing as excessive brand promotion. Making too much noise about your brand; especially on social media only makes prospects want to tune out.

5. Accommodating Too Many Voices on Marketing Decisions

The more people you listen to before making a marketing decision, the longer it takes to finalize anything. Everyone will always have an opinion when it comes to marketing a startup.

As a founder, you need to learn how to exercise your power. After all, you can only implement one marketing idea at a time.

6. Beginning to Chase Competitors too soon

One can only compete with someone who’s on their level. Chasing rival businesses that were in the market before you is a wrong move.

During the initial stages of launching a startup, all you should focus on is identifying your competitors in the market.

7. Forgetting to Track Your Progress

Tracking everything you do ensures you don’t spend too much on strategies that don’t give you reasonable return on investment. You need to learn how to measure results for the onset as this is a practice you should maintain as a business owner.


Learning about mistakes startup founders make ensures you avoid them as you launch your business. The initial stages of launching a startup play a crucial role in the success of a venture.

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