As the world become more and more urban, with people everywhere still moving from rural areas to cities, designers have to keep thinking about ways to make our cities nicer. Here are a few ideas that we could already implement.

1. The bench that includes a garden

A great idea that also turns out to be stylish. This bench is the perfect way to make our cities a bit greener.



2. The bench desk

A bench that can also be used as a small table for reading, writing, or using your laptop, although I would recommend to keep your laptop out of parks. Designed by BD Barcelona.


3. Green Wifi station

A Wifi station with greenery included. Design by Mathieu Lehanneur.



4. The rolling bench

Rainy day? Not a problem! Just roll the bench and you can sit on the protected, dry place.


5. Tulip seats

If you install some seating infrastructure for the citizens of your city, why not make sure that it looks good? Via The Star.


6. The path that lights up at night

So you can see where you are going with fewer public lighting. By Studio Roosegaarde.


7. Useful billboards

If you have to put up billboard signs, make sure that they are useful and can protect or help the passer-bys.


8. Mirror fence

This fence doesn’t ruin the landscape, it actually keeps it going by reflecting it.



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