I remember one of my first classes in design school, when our teacher started to explain about the elements of graphic design: the dot, the line, and the surface. In this post we look at some logo design work created by graphic designers that thought that the line is enough.

1. Classics

A beautiful logo with just a couple of lines, it’s also surprisingly readable. It was designed by Scott Smoker.


2. The Big Zoo

A bit difficult to read, but still a wonderful logo and illustration designed by Javi Bueno.


3. Lighting

An early logo idea for a New York lighting company by Matthew Gordils. A bit hipsterish, but very well executed.


4. Lei

Two lines only are needed for this cool personal branding for Lei Goldner.


5. AC

A simple but clever logo design with one line by Luis Dubon.


6. Finley & Alice

A gorgeous logo that looks like a tapissery by Lea Coubray.


7. Orient & Occident

Orient & Occident is an online store, they have a beautiful logo that mixes the initial letters of both words. It was designed by Port Clarendon.


8. Oh+Ah

Simple, not so readable, but lovely logo by Timo Meyer.


9. N monogram

A nice looking monogram featuring the letter “N”, early logo work by José on Dribbble.


10. Little Black Book

A brand identity project for London based Little Black Book – the online creative resource for the global advertising community.


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