From the very beginning of his campaign, President Trump’s campaign has been very controversial. At the heart of the controversy, the accusations of sexism and racism targetting him. For the racism, his opponents saw it embodied by the wall he was promising to build between Mexico and the United States. He went as far as promising to make Mexico pay for the wall. Since he got in office, Trump already signed the order to build that wall.

A Dutch architecture company, Faro, took a look at it and did a quick sketch with a proposal to turn a conservative idea into a progressive one (well, as progressive as a wall can be). The idea is to take the opportunity to make it a solar panel wall, thus producing electricity that is then sold to Mexico. A second sketch takes the concept one step further and imagines that there could be a greenhouse farming structure on the other side of the wall.

Now don’t take this blog post wrong. I don’t know if the project is feasable in terms of investment or just realistic at all, but I like the design thinking process and thought it was worth a mention.

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