In this hilarious video, Georges Carlin takes on guys with names like Todd or Taylor. Even though it wasn’t his purpose, he points out the fact that branding does start at birth, and that unfortunatly you won’t be able to have control over your name. I think that it’s the same for business.

We all had clients who have stupid company names and want you to redesign their logo, and then you can design a great logo, it may not be enough for them to be successful. Guess what? They will probably criticize your skills for their bad brand popularity.

I think that it is also the freelance designer’s responsibility to make suggestion to his clients when he sees that the name itself will have a negative impact on the branding. Remember that your customer will try to put responsibility on someone else and stop working with you if things don’t go well for him. On the contrary, if he realizes that the advice you gave him has done good to his business, he’ll be seeking your company and become a loyal customer.

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