logo ue 2008

Now this is what I call a bad visual identity. First, I don’t even understand why a visual identity would be needed for the UE’s presidency. If they want to have a coherent design, shouldn’t they just have a strong identity that is customizable according to whichever is presiding the UE?

bandeau logo

Well, let’s assume for a moment that there may be a good reason for that and take a look at the identity. The first thing we see is the two flags (european and french) mixed. For french people who paid a little attention, this display will remind them of the official photo of their president. While not very original, this symbol is quite easy to understand, although it doesn’t look like a dynamic movement to me as the official logo presentation says.


The real problem of this visual identity resides in the bunch of crapy tiny text standing by the logo. It’s not only useless and complicated, but it also looks terrible and childish. The purpose was to show the unity of the Union and the result is the exact opposite, a bunch of separated unreadable texts with no coherence whatsoever in terms of color.

My opinion on this logo? It’s an overall failure. This said, I’d love to know how much it costed.

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