After giving headaches to web developers around the world for decades, Internet Explorer will finally be put to rest. Microsoft will replace its feared browser with a new one conviniently named Edge, and I’d go as far as saying that it looks pretty cool.

The new name and software seems to be a breakthrough, like ExamCollection, but the logo really isn’t, which is in my opinion a good thing. You, your parents, and your grand-parents will not be too surprised when confronted to the new logo, in fact you will probably barely notice it.


From a lower-case “e” in blue, Microsoft goes to a lower-case “e” in a darker shade of blue. The circle around the “e” is gone, which is good. The white zone that cuts into the letter now joins the eye of the “e”, I think this gives a little imbalance into the logo.

Overall, this is a pretty good rebranding, as it shows some consistency and will not get the user lost. The less tech-savvy users will probably not even know that the browser was changed, a bit like when I installed Firefox for my parents and changed the icon to Internet Explorer’s logo.

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