Nobody can deny the effect and impression of a brand Logo. It gives your brand a better way to connect with the targeted audiences. With time, logos become a part of the brand name and serve as the first trigger to attract people.

But, the logo may even lose its relevance over time. Just like you adapt new business ideas, you also need to adapt new brand logos to remain relevant in your consumer’s eyes. If you want to get the best logo, Pearl Lemon Web can be your ideal place for this. This designing agency is a top logo design agency in London. They are known for offering modern, engaging, and unique logo designs that allow your consumers to connect to your brand instantly.

So, when should you change your logo? Is there a specific time frame? Or any signs? Read on to know more-

Recent Change in Your Business Strategies

A change of shift in your brand’s business policies or structures can be the ideal time to get a new logo. Strategic shifts allow your business to explore new ideas, new ways while finding more from the modern prospects. In such scenarios, the changed logo will enable you to revamp your brand image for a positive reaction among your targeted audience.

You can also change your business logo if you have recently expanded the business or have undergone collaboration with another business entity.

It is not Enough to Generate Interest

Well, it can happen. With time, your brand logo can even lose its main power- to attract more people. It can become a boring thing for the new age people. On the other hand, logos can become outdated with time. In such cases, a logo change can help your business gain a better place in the eyes of your targeted audience.

So, how to check if your logo is not working anymore? Well, one of the main signs is the low Web Traffic. If the logo has become a boring and odd affair, it will fetch you less traffic. That is because a boring logo prevents people from reaching your website for a quick visit. If your web traffic has dramatically decreased in just a year, maybe it is time to get your business a new brand identity!

Your Business has Become more Competitive

Competition is an integral part of the business. You can opt for a logo change if the field you deal in has become congested lately. A new logo can help you get more attention, resulting in better business prospects and more audience engagements.

The Logo is Outdated

As or has been said before, an old logo can harm your brand image. Outdated ones look gloomy, old, tired and may not reflect your business in modern times. If you haven’t changed your logo for years(more than ten years), it is time to get a change. You can connect with a reputed logo design agency Londonto get a more modern and sophisticated brand logo.


Like any other artistic aspect, logos may need to get some remodeling or change with time to suit new-age business and related strategies. But, there is no hard and fast rule in such cases. You can also change your logo if you feel like getting a new brand image besides the instances above.

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