The good thing about being a designer nowadays is that you don’t need to convince your clients of the importance of branding. Corporations, NGOs, artists, individuals, everyone knows that branding can make or break a business.

It’s hard to define good branding, entire books have been written on the topic, and there is still no magic trick to it. We know that a good corporate doesn’t have to be complicated (but it can be), should be coherent, and that it should stay in your customers’ brain. How do you achieve that? I suggest we learn by examples and get inspired by these awesome branding designs.

1. Wallas

This is an amazing branding concept for Wallas, an integrated communications agency whose logo on the namecard is printed with mirror foil-blocking on the Pantone 116, 320gsm uncoated stock. For more info click here.


2. Berg & Berg

With strive to create products of the highest quality possible, designer Heydays had built this stationery design. For more detail, click here.

Berg & Berg

3. Perrine’s Wine Shop

Check out this amazing passion for wine presented in best possible design by clicking here.

Perrine’s Wine Shop

4. Frances May

Frances May is a carefully curated fashion boutique in downtown Portland. Check out the amazing brand designs here.

Frances May

5. Eight Hour Day

Check out this amazing brand design here.

Eight Hour Day

6. Fourmation

Fourmation is an arrangement of people or things acting as a unit. Get to know more about this brand here.


7. Iti

Appearing different on every surface, the visual expression is a representation of life, freedom and possibilities. Read more about this brand here.


8. Deichmanske Library

This is a design project by Mikael Floysand that included identity, promotional and editorial design. For more info, click here.

Deichmanske Library

9. Bone Daddy

Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke is a popular Texas BBQ restaurant and bar. Look at the awesome brand designs by clicking here.

Bone Daddy

10. Cavalier Essentials

Check out the amazing brand design here.

Cavalier Essentials

11. Oficina

Check it out here.


12. Soto

Check out the cool brand design here.


13. Creavisa

The brand was developed to reflect the company’s integrated services through the icon’s various colors. See more here.


14. Theurel & Thomas

View the amazing brand design by clicking here.

Theurel & Thomas

15. Stationery of Horror

Check out these terrifying designs here.

Stationery of Horror

16. Ambrose Hotel

Check out the design here.

Ambrose Hotel

17. Yii

See the amazing design work of Yii here.


18. Academy

See the amazing design work here.


19. Art & Graft

Art & Graft is a creative animation and live-action studio that creates work across promos, commercials, short films and all forms of branded content. See amazing designs here.

Art & Graft

20. Fruita Blanch

Check out the beautiful design here.

Fruita Blanch

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