Among the countless environmental issues our planet is currently facing, one is hidden deep underwater. The coral reefs are in danger, and sending scuba diving gardeners doesn’t look like the appropriate option at the moment.

Yunil Nam, a London-based architect and interior designer based in London, decided to make an ambitious proposal to save the coral reefs. He planned out an entire city underwater to create the right conditions for subaquatic natural life growth.

The project, titled “The Reef of Silence“, mixes several artistic techniques, such as drawing, collage, photo-montage, or photography. It creates impressive perspectives and spectacular landscapes through intricate details and stark contrasts.

The designer also thought out the technical details carefully. Inspired by the Zoroastrian concept of “tectonic vultures”, which consist of new techniques in body decomposition to transform human bodies into nutrients for underwater life.

If you find that there is something “Jules Verne-esque” to these pictures, it’s also normal. Nam was largely inspired by the French writer’s epic “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea” novel.

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