Here are some nice design-related blog posts you shouldn’t have missed this week.

Fugly government websites, the ultimate list

So many talented web designers, so few of them working for governments…


Print Design to Web Design: Comparative Analogies

A good read for any print designer who has never worked on the web.

stock prices

Awesome Papercraft self-portrait

Ok this is just awesome, I have to do mine someday.

portrait papercraft

Freelancers, what’s your largest business expense?

The answer should be f*cking insurances for anyone living in Switzerland.

freelancing costs

Top five best database management tools

Giving a try to Sequel Pro right now, looks pretty good so far.

database management tools

The “No Retweet necessary” contest by Authentic Jobs

With plenty of cool prices, by the way did you check out the great redesign of the Job Board?

no retweet contest

What a logo does not have to be or do

Some good tips right there…

logo tips

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