Elvis Presley’s narrative experienced a recent revival with the release of “Elvis,” a film by Baz Luhrmann. In this cinematic portrayal, actor Austin Butler masterfully resurrected the iconic singer, complemented by Tom Hanks in the role of his cunning manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

To prepare for the anticipated surge of both new and existing fans drawn by the film, a year-long marketing campaign was meticulously crafted. Sony Music, having successfully rebranded Whitney Houston the previous year, enlisted the expertise of Studio Herrström, an Austrian creative agency. Their task was to conceive a fresh, cohesive visual identity for Elvis Presley.

Drawing inspiration from Elvis’s diverse visual elements, encompassing discography, stage designs, public appearances, as well as his distinctive jewelry and clothing, Studio Herrström embarked on a comprehensive exploration. Renowned for collaborations with Spotify, Sony Music, Beats by Dre, Native Instruments, and Sound.xyz, the studio aimed to craft an identity that would accentuate and embrace the distinctive characteristics of Elvis.

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