Innovative designers have been looking into AI for a while already, but the field seems to really be exploding nowadays with the emergence of new powerful tools to create imagery using artificial intelligence. Some tools, such as Dall-E, have been used to have a lot of fun. However, serious design work can also happen using visual AI technologies. Hassan Ragab’s work includes this type of new tech.

Based in Los Angeles, the Egyptian designer has been known for his interdisciplinary approach to his field of work. Ragab enjoys experimenting with design, mostly architecture, furniture design, product design, and textile design, but it seems that he will not shy away from computational experiences.

Using AI generation tools with impressive speech-to-image features, the designer attempted to digitally create concept buildings that blend architecture and feathers. On his Instagram account, you can follow the ongoing project, along with other experiments by Ragab.

Although the results are for now purely conceptual and would not be easy to build, they are great food for thought for the engineers willing to find solutions for the design proposal that came out of this unusual collaboration between a designer and an AI.

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