If you use TikTok on a regular basis, chances are you have heard of the famous viral photo editing hack. This social media app creates many trends, as users try to copy one another, to get more views and likes. In this article, we’ll look into these trends and how to recreate the viral photo editing hack, as well.

What are Photo Editing Trends?

TikTok has become one of the most famous social media apps in the world. It now counts more than 70 million active users, every month, with a total of 2 billion downloads. It is these numbers that enable the app to be a creator of major trends online, today. Although they come in every form (contests, special song use, etc.), one of the most famous ones comes from editing pictures, using particular settings.

Users who want to be seen and liked, look for a TikTok photo editing trend that they can use in their posts, all the time. They are not complicated, once you have learned how to edit a photo. Mostly, because for all the editing trends, there are articles written online, which explain how to recreate them perfectly. That also helps to make the phenomenon larger and to attract more and more users, for many weeks and months, to the trend. The goal is to feel part of the community and, of course, to get more likes along the way.

What about the Famous TikTok Photo Editing Hack?

Now we come to the part you have been waiting to read upon: How can you recreate TikTok’s viral photo editing hack? The truth is, there isn’t just one hack out there, that are being used and have gained in popularity through time. But the most famous one is meant to change your pictures in a way that renders them more colourful and vibrant. It is very easy to do, as you will now discover. You can start using them today, and see the difference in reactions from your friends, but also from unknown users. Note that the idea, here, is not to modify the image, but to render it more alive.

  1. Choose a picture and click on the edit button, which you will find at the top
  2. Choose the Exposure value and set it to maximum level, which is 100
  3. Go to Highlights and reduce it to minus 35
  4. Change Shadow to minus 28
  5. Change contrast to minus 30
  6. Set Brightness to minus 5
  7. Place Back Point value at 10
  8. Do the same with Saturation at 10
  9. Set the Vibrance level at 8
  10. Again, place Warmth at 10 as well
  11. Set Tint at 39
  12. Indicate 14 for Sharpness
  13. Move the Vignette value to 23

Why Always using the Same Trend can be Beneficial

If you decide to take part in trends, on TikTok, it might be worth it to stick to one, at least for a little while. It is a way for others to recognize that the pictures are from you. Uniformity is something to be desired, in regards to the various posts you position on your social media.

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