Everytime you connect with your target audience, you want to make each contact worthwhile. Creating a database of targeted individuals is the first step for each business, keeping them engaged is the real challenge.

In the age where people are fairly comfortable with sharing their email address, how do you make them choose you for their buying decision? Before you get there you need to build a rapport with your target audience and email newsletters are among many things brands plan to build a strong connection.

With email marketing efforts increasingly targeted towards better return on investment (ROI), how do you make things like your email newsletters rock? Forget rock, how do you get your target audience to click on that email, open it, and read through the whole thing.

Here is how you can work towards engaging your clients and prospects with your email newsletters.

Create a nice value proposition

In an age when all companies are flooding the inbox of people, be careful with your email marketing efforts. Begin a campaign only after you create a nice value proposition.

An astounding 73% of millenials prefer to communicate with brands via email. So, it is vital that these interactions provide something valuable.

Once your target audience clicks on your email, you want to make sure they understand the purpose of your email. Make sure you have a clear design and message, be succinct and brief and ensure your readers are getting what you promised signing them up for newsletters.

While you put all the pieces together, do not forget to integrate it with your website and always promote your products. But make unsubscribing easy and do not spam people who are not interested.

Promote your newsletter only with individuals who subscribe to this feature. Though creating a value proposition might sound daunting, the best clients are the ones who are interested in engaging. So, focus on quality engagement and not just quantity.

Add a nice email signature

Marketing and branding are interrelated and good content without good branding will not yield the desired results.

Create a professional email signature and integrate it with your email newsletter for an effective and logical brand placement. Email signatures are a great way to include basic things like company logos, websites and even things like any other relevant promotional material which might be difficult to integrate within newsletter texts.

Even though email newsletters are a great opportunity to share vital company information, make sure you do not bombard your reader with all necessary and unnecessary details about your company.

For example, company details, contact details, and logo need to be included, but things like the most recent publication by a company or all fifteen social media links might not be relevant at all times.

Depending on your target audience, use an email signature editor that allows you to easily edit and customize your email signature based on your campaign and target audience.

So, create a nice email signature and make sure you keep updating it based on your email marketing campaigns and target audience.

Use Call To Action (CTA) buttons

A successful CTA is a CTA that entices clients and prospects to click on it. While the concept is pretty straightforward, it is easier said than done. If you are spending hours just finalizing on the perfect CTA, pause and take a step back.

A good CTA, or a CTA that results in clicks, is not just a statement but one that ties in with the entire content in your newsletter. In line with this thought, draft your newsletter like it’s a story that piques the reader’s interest at the CTA.

It is important to note that people will only want to click on a CTA if you make the context worthwhile. Once you understand this, then placing the CTA button will also be straightforward. In other words, place your CTA button at the point where you have built up reader interest to the peak and where your reader will feel the need to call to action.

Over 90% of people that read headlines also read CTAs. So, make sure the CTA is simple, succinct and piques your readers’ interest.

Be educational

In line with adding value to your target audience or readers, your email newsletters will rock if they are educational. Establish yourself as an authority in your industry by providing educational information in your newsletters.

For example, share a fun fact about the industry, news, or an update about an upcoming company product. Things like company news mixed up with community events, testimonials, and case studies will ensure your readers are not just getting information about your company but also about the industry and industry trends in the community.

This will allow your readers to learn about the industry and where your brand stands with the industry in the community. All of this information will be educational and you get an opportunity to carefully curate content that places you as an industry standard.

Do not shy away from sharing information about your company, but do not limit your newsletters to information about just your industry. Sharing educational information and mixing it up will establish you as an authority in the industry and people will likely subscribe, engage and conduct business with you.

Remember, personalized emails have a 27% higher unique click rate.

Incorporate a nice email template design

Once you have all the puzzle pieces together, the final task is to package your email newsletter well. Think of a dish that is well displayed versus one that is just sloppily thrown, chances are you will be drawn to the one that is better displayed even if it does not necessarily taste better. The same extends to email newsletters as well.

If your design does not look good, it will not get the desired engagement. A responsive design that is compatible for all types of devices will ensure that the people who click on your email newsletter will get to read and enjoy your content.

Though most people open emails on mobile devices, you cannot rule out the occasional laptop browses. The only solution to this is a responsive design that is compatible across all platforms.

Also, once you have invested all the content, your efforts are incomplete unless they are supplemented with a good design. So, incorporate a nice email template design that will keep your readers engaged.


An email newsletter can go from being just a simple newsletter to an email newsletter that rocks if you keep all the things above in mind while crafting it.

Remember, the key lies in being authentic, engaging, and not forgetting to provide value. With all this in mind, you are sure to have email newsletters that rock!

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