Successfully managing your company’s online casino is critical to the success of your business. Knowledge and intensive training provide an understanding of customers, variations on the product, and market strategies. 

Since 2010, Jennifer Wright has written extensively about online casinos and slot games. Ms Wright provides an in-depth analysis of new casino sites that enter the UK market. As a keen follower of industry news, she regularly attends iGaming conferences and events. 

When asked about the importance of casino management Ms Wright stated that you can apply five techniques to CRM, casino marketing, monitoring and management. 

  • To have an understanding of how online casinos function
  • To know which are the best ways to promote the casino to draw in customers
  • To have a selection of methods to apply to address the issues identified 
  • To have a thorough knowledge of different products
  • To have an understanding of KPIs to use to identify any problems. (The Gross Gaming Revenue) or GGR is the most basic KPI – total bets minus total wins show the money that stays with the casino after wagering activity but before paying for any of the casino’s expenses.

Gambling affiliate sites are increasing mainly due to the potential for large profits. Gambling affiliate sites exist in an ever-changing and competitive market which is not to everyone’s taste, but as affiliate sites are integral to the online gambling industry, profits can be high. 

Gambling affiliates can drive up traffic levels leading to gaming operators offering big commissions to tempt and keep successful sign-ups.  Ms Wright explained that a casino affiliate essentially acts as a middle-man between online casinos and their customers. Online casino affiliates are given a tracking link and receive money when new players register or play in the online casino. Each time someone clicks the link belonging to the affiliate and completes the required transaction, the affiliate earns a commission. 

If you are considering starting an online casino affiliate site, you should know the basics of the business. Entering such a competitive market without basic knowledge is a recipe for disaster, said Ms Wright. 

As with any other industry, online gambling is full of jargon. You need to understand what it means, together with the main ideas of the online gambling industry. Understanding HTML is also of use, Ms Wright added, by saving costs and allowing control of all the elements of your business. 

Other Important Factors to Consider Include;-

  • Know your market 
  • Be aware of the importance of SEO (search engine optimisation) 
  • Consider joining an affiliate programme 

Search Engine Optimisation is a key factor in modern-day marketing as it looks to make your website come as high as possible in Google Search. Ms Wright added that reaching as many customers as possible and providing a better user experience for more people should be the main aim of any affiliate business.

Joining an affiliate program includes the technical setup of the account and educating new advertisers about the network. There is usually a one-off cost to join an affiliate programme that cant be as high as £2000. You can find a range of affiliate programs for your particular niche by searching ‘affiliate programs’ on Google.

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