Dmitry Samal is a successful freelance designer from Belarus. Specialized in industrial design, he has been exhibiting his work around the world and awarded for it. I thought it would be of interest for Designer Daily’s readers to learn a little more about him through a short interview. Don’t miss more pictures of his work at the end of the post.

How did you get into design?
I guess, it is due to my love to cars. I graduated from Polytechnic’s University in Belarus and got the diploma of car engineer, at the same time I was very interested in car design and I was sketching all the time during the lectures. Later I started to participate in several contests and conferences about car design and finally won the scholarship Audi and Scuola Politechnica di Design in Milan. At that time I realized that car design and design in general is my passion.

Can you tell our readers about your design process?

I always start from sketches and through the sketching I find the idea. I absolutely agree with the words of one of my teachers: “The talent of the designer isĀ  at the tip of a pencil”.
Then the idea that I (or my client) find interesting is transferred in 3d (sometimes it is not possible and I try to find another way) which allows me to see this object almost in reality with different materials and situations. And then I do the technical specification based on the 3d model.


What tools and software do you use on a regular basis?
Photoshop (image editing), Rhino (3D modeling).

Which of your projects are you the most proud of and Why?
I am proud of almost every project I have done and I am doing because I always put myself in it, I am trying to work as good and creative as possible.
Also trough my designs I am trying to show the rich culture and traditions of Belarus, not very famous here in Europe.

What websites and magazines do you read on a regular basis?,,, IDEAT,

Which designers have been inspirers for you?
Actually many of successful designers, but especially: Walter da Silva, Marc Newson, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Ron Arad.

You are a car design specialist, which car designs really impressed you in the recent years?
I love the style and image of Audi, Mini and Smart.

Thank you Dmitry for answering my questions! For the readers who’d like to see more of Dmitry’s work, make sure you visite his website.





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