I already wrote about 3D printing a few times on Designer Daily, but I recently stumbled upon a few articles and sites that I thought were worth a mention here.

3D printing for everyone

A New York Times article that announces the changes to come when everyone will own a 3D printer. If it happens, manufacturing will indeed be revolutionized, and piracy issues we now know for ebooks, movies or music, will take a new dimension. I’ll just quote the last sentence of the article here:

Given the choice to download a mug, or deal with Ikea on a Saturday afternoon, which one do you think you would choose?

For the rest, read the full article.

Some recent examples of 3D printing achievements

If you follow what’s happening in the world of 3D printing, you may have seen these two articles. The first one shares the story of a surgeon who used 3D printing as a new way to create bone models for helping surgeons to plan their procedures, thus saving them lots of money. You can read this article on the Singularity Hub.

The other article blew my mind, it’s about the story of the first 3D printed car. The best part? It’s a functional car… Read the article on The Daily Mail.

How to print your own products in 3D?

You have some 3D skills, but not the budget to buy a 3D printer? No problem, Shapeways is perfect for you. On that site, you can print your designs in 3D using different materials like ceramics, silver, plastic,…

For designers with projects that require more control, you may need to buy a 3D printer like this one or this one.

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