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The holidays offer a prime opportunity for businesses to increase sales and bring in new customers. With a rush to stores and e-commerce sites as people search for and buy gifts for their loved ones, it’s an ideal time for businesses to incorporate innovative sales tactics.

“The holidays are a great opportunity for businesses to see increased revenue and traffic,” says Rayla Rappaport, CPA for Finaloop’s ecommerce accounting software service. “You can really leverage the gift-giving season to encourage large orders and bring in new customers.”

Make sure your business stands out by building a cutting-edge holiday strategy. Try these 11 innovative holiday sales tactics and see profits skyrocket this holiday season!

1. Build a Holiday Landing Page

Your website’s landing page is the first impression visitors have when they enter your site. Create a holiday landing page so that your customers have a clear and efficient path to fulfill their gift-giving needs.

“A holiday landing page can help you entice shoppers to explore your holiday offerings,” explains Shaunak Amin, CEO and Co-Founder of SwagMagic who specializes in employee appreciation gifts and ideas. “Even if it’s just a page with a festive design highlighting your most popular products, it may bring in an influx of sales.”

Build a customized landing page this holiday season to direct customers to your highlighted deals and offerings.

2. Set Up Social Commerce

Social commerce is the integration of e-commerce into the social media space. With social media platforms adding shop pages and storefront options, your business can advertise, engage with customers, and sell your products all in one place.

“Discoverability is going to be huge … as consumers are not only using social media to socialize anymore,” states Adebukola Ajao from Bdy Consult, “They are actively using social media as a search engine to find and purchase niche products.”

Integrate social commerce into your business and take advantage of the ease and accessibility social media has to offer.

3. Create Exclusive Holiday Deals

Exclusive holiday deals can incentivize shoppers to choose your business over your competitors. Offering limited-time deals over the holiday season adds a sense of urgency for shoppers, who will want to buy your product before the sale season ends.

“Who can resist a good deal?” asks Max Schwartzapfel, CMO of Schwartzapfel Lawyers. “Exclusive deals are an effective way to highlight specific products and encourage large orders.”

Create exclusive holiday deals to bring in sales and stand out against your competitors this gift-giving season.

4. Make Holiday-Themed Gift Bundles

Consider making gift bundles to create a curated experience for your customers that echoes the spirit of the season.

“There’s something enticing about a curated gift bundle,” Owen Martinetti, Co-Founder of Snoozy expressed, “It adds a personal touch to your products. Plus, it encourages larger orders, so it’s a win-win situation.”

When you offer gift bundles at a discounted price, you can encourage customers to buy more from your business. Not only do you get more products out the door and more revenue in your pocket, but gift bundles can also highlight the versatility and breadth of what your business offers.

5. Reward Loyal Customers

In the holiday gift-buying rush, it’s easy to get caught up in the wave of new customers engaging with your business. However, it’s important to reach out to your loyal customers, too, and encourage them to consider you for their holiday needs by rewarding them with exclusive deals. 

“Give your loyal customers a bit of special attention during the holiday season,” says Natalia Morozova, Partner at Cohen, Tucker & Ades Immigration Law Firm. “Take the opportunity to foster those year-round relationships while highlighting your business as a great option for your customers’ gifting needs.”

Rewarding your loyal customers shows that your business values the consumer and wants to build sustainable relationships with them. This can encourage higher engagement and endorsement of your business while ensuring returning sales.

6. Optimize Your Site for Mobile

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M-commerce, the subsect of e-commerce where shoppers discover and buy products from their mobile devices, is quickly gaining traction in the digital world. Shopping from a mobile device offers convenience, efficiency, and ease to the customer.

“M-commerce is the future of e-commerce. It offers a wide range of benefits, including convenience, speed, and security,” explains Brandon Batchelor, director of sales and strategic partnerships at ReadyCloud.

Stay on top of this m-commerce trend by making sure your website is user-friendly in a mobile format. Make sure your e-commerce site is optimized for mobile traffic during the holiday season to maximize your sales potential.

7. Decorate Your Storefront

Your brick-and-mortar storefront is an important engagement point for your business. Consider decorating your storefront for the holiday season to entice shoppers into your store for their gift-giving needs.

“Freshen up your store for the holidays by adding seasonal decor and festive music,” says Victor Mathieux, Co-Founder and CEO of Miracle Brand. “This can draw in on-the-ground shoppers with the holidays already on their minds.”

When your storefront is welcoming and festive, customers will want to spend more time in your shop. This gives you more time to make a sale and encourages new product discovery.

8. Be Prepared for Increased Traffic

The holidays bring an increase in shoppers to e-commerce sites and physical stores. You can prepare for this uptick in interest by optimizing your website for increased traffic and staying stocked on your most popular products.

“The biggest mistake a company can make in the holiday season is being under-prepared for the increased traffic that comes with the holidays,” explains Amanda Howland, Co-Founder of ElleVet Sciences.

The best way to bring in high sales during the holiday season is to anticipate your customers’ needs. Review last year’s trends and make sure you are ready to welcome in a rush of new shoppers as the holidays roll around.

9. Use Alternative Social Media Channels

Social media is key to a successful marketing campaign. While posting engaging content on platforms like Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and Facebook is important to outreach to potential customers, these social sites can be over-saturated and hard to gain traction on. Expand your social media campaign by engaging in alternative social channels beyond the most popular sites.

“While the popular media channels are filled to the brim with advertisements and eye-catching content, you have the opportunity to stand out more on smaller social platforms,” states Ryan Rottman, Co-Founder and CEO of OSDB. “Sites like Pinterest or Quora are often overlooked but are ripe with consumers looking for inspiration and new ideas.”

Consider engaging in alternative social media channels where your business can stand out more since you are competing less to be seen. Posting consistently across a variety of social media channels will optimize your outreach efforts and ensure you are covering all your bases.

10. Customize SEO for Holiday Searches

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves tailoring of your website or social media page to be easily found on search engines. SEO is a great marketing tool that is completely free and brings in organic search traffic. You can rank higher on search engines by customizing your pages with keywords and phrases for popular holiday-season searches. 

“SEO trends are constantly changing. At different times of the year, different searches gain more traction,” explains Maggie Brown, Founder and CEO of Recess Pickleball. “The holidays, for example, tend to see increased searches for gift guides and holiday-themed products.”

Consider common holiday search queries while you work on optimizing your website for the holiday season. Making gift guides and pages that respond to frequent holiday queries can help you rank and be more easily discovered. 

11. Offer Premium Customer Service

Quality customer service is crucial to a successful sale. Your customers feel most valued when they are met with premium customer service that is friendly and fast. 

“Make sure your customers feel heard and valued by offering high quality and fast customer service,” recommends Anthony Tivnan, President and Co-Founder of Magellan Jets, where you can book your on-demand private jet charter flights. “Offer clear avenues for contacting your customer service representatives and make sure to anticipate the needs of your customers.”

Be prepared for the increased traffic of the holiday season by testing and optimizing your communication infrastructure. Consider creating an automated chat feature on your site with 24/7 customer service and easy-to-use contact functions.

Increase Profits With Strong Holiday Sales Tactics

The holiday season is a great opportunity for businesses to bring in an increase in profits. With shoppers looking for the best product and the best deal, using innovative sales techniques can make your business more successful than ever this holiday season.

As the holidays quickly approach, make sure you are prepared for increased traffic and customer communications. You can increase profits during the holidays by using cutting-edge sales tactics and marketing techniques.

By streamlining processes, fine-tuning your consumer outreach, and creating holiday-specific strategies, your business can stand out among the crowd this holiday season!

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