My recent post with 10 logo design tips seemed to be appreciated by the readers of Designer Daily. However, the list for sure wasn’t exhaustive, it was even far from it. For that reason, I assume that the readers tips found in the comments will be appreciated.

  • No gradients! (Unless it’s used in a way that you can replace it with a solid color for applications other than web and print.) If you use a gradient, you won’t be able to use the logo well on things like t-shirts (embroidery) and the like. By Laura.
  • Another logo tip, make sure it’s appropriate. By David Airey.
  • One thing I would add: limit the number of colors to two – maybe three. Jack McDaniel.
  • I am a designer myself and I find more often than not clients will contract me to design a logo, before they have let their business ‘evolve’ beyond the concept phase. The problem with this is often that makes the logo obsolete once the business finds its feet. So my advice or two cents is, be a caring and sharing graphic designer and advise your client that they can have the option of taking the logo design to the drafting stage and then they can sit with those for a few months until their business concept is a little more solid. More often than not, the client changes his mind by that time. They havent wasted money, the have appreciated your honesty, and you dont get the conflict that can come with the frustration involved when your clients feel like you didn’t ‘get’ there business concept (you can hardly say that neither did they!!). By Rachel.
  • Always send a message that can be interpreted in just about any language or culture – something that transcends time and space as much as possible. By Brandon Cox.
  • “Simplicity is the key to brilliance” Bruce Lee. I’d have to agree with this quote. A nice simple logo benifited all of the worlds best companies; why not yours? By Ben Swift.
  • Use a readable font…one that scales well to very large and very small sizes, and that is readable from a distance. That “Brisa” font may be really pretty, but if you can’t read it, it’s worthless. By Melek.
  • Always use a Pantone guide and specify the values of the colors for web, print and gray scale… By Christian.

If you have more tips, share them in this posts comments and I’ll update it.

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