I’ve written recently a post about social networks for graphic designers, and many of you commented to point me to some others sites that should for you be in the list. In my post I just shared the social networks I often consult and it didn’t seem to be enough, so following are some more social networks for designers.

pixelgroovy logo

Pixel Groovy
Digg-like dedicated to tutorial sharing and voting, great for finding how-tos and tips for Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, 3D Studio Max, CSS…

virb logo

Virb is a place that lets  you put all the things that make you… you! Photos, videos, blogs, all in one place.

logo pond

Logo pond
A nice showcase of logo where you can submit your own creations. Good to find inspiration and see current trends.

behance network

Behance Network
A website for design professionals.  Creative portfolios, projects and collaborations.

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