This year’s statistics say that YouTube is the most popular video platform  of  all other social media sites. . You might be an in house marketer and you’re on a constant mission in making your manager understand that video content is the key to all doors. Or you might be in a quest of convincing your stubborn client that the world beyond Facebook news feed is worthwhile. Or you could just be a huge fan of YouTube videos and is curious to know the amount of YouTube videos being uploaded every minute.

An unprecedented growth of YouTube has been noticed during these last few years. So, mastering this platform will benefit you on many grounds.   

This compilation of key YouTube stats will be pretty handy for you if you want to take YouTube as a  way for your financial medium. It will also help you to get a grip on the numbers of users. Get to know their activities and how this will help the business. Scroll down this post to know about the YouTube Stats that can be molded as your 2020 marketing strategy.

The stats can be divided into 4 groups.

  • YouTube Content Marketing Stats
  • YouTube User Stats
  • YouTube Usage Stats
  • YouTube Sponsored Video Stats

As a B2B marketer try to create interesting videos that fall under the categories of Music, Comedy, Entertainment/ Pop Culture, and Tutorial videos. These  are the genres  mostly watched by the users and keep them interested.. 

Such as the Old Spice deodorant advertisement

Most of the First Page YouTube Video are 14 Minutes and 50 Seconds in Length

It has been analyzed that longer videos outperforms shorter videos. The high ranked first page videos have a length of 15 minutes on average.  YouTube also promotes those videos that keep audiences engaged for a longer period of time. It also helps to boost B2B videos. Besides, the first page videos mostly are HD in quality, around 68%.

According to 80% of the U.S. Marketers, YouTube Videos are Potential enough to Convert Customers

It has been proven that YouTube does not only generate views it generates viewers into loyal customers and influences them. B2B and B2C marketers are confident about this statement. So, YouTube is a potential tool for B2B marketers.

Statistics depict that viewers esteem personal interest relevance 1.6 times more than production value

People like to watch videos that relate to their personal interests. So, promote your YouTube Channel in a way that showcases your brand as a product of relevance. As it is 1.6X more important and it helps you to stand out in the crowd.

Involvement with Channels and Creators is Increasing by 70% in YouTube Users

Engaging with your audience plays a big role in getting more views. If you make ways to interact with your viewers, these casual users may turn into loyal fans of your channel

On Average, Videos that Rank on the First Page of YouTube Have over 4,000 Comments

One of the best ways to engage the audience is by the YouTube Comments section. It strongly correlates with ranks. Your business will look more satisfying if it has more comments. Galaxy marketing can be a medium by which you can increase your comments and be more engaging with your audiences. The high ranked first page videos usually have around 4000 comments.   


YouTube has 2 Billion, Monthly Active Users

Although Facebook has more active users than YouTube, 2 billion users worldwide is huge! Most of these users use their Google accounts to sign in. This base keeps increasing every year. YouTube has an average  pageview of 6.5 and is  the second most visited website. 

YouTube Functions in More Than 100 Countries

Local versions of YouTube can be found in more than 100 countries. YouTube started its journey in 2005. It is offered in 80 different languages which covers 95% of the global population.       

Gen X and Baby Boomers Top the Quickest Growing Audience on YouTube

This global phenomenon is full of surprises and  interesting information. Baby boomers ( 50-65 years olds) and Generation X ( 36-49 years olds) top the quickest growing demographic on YouTube. YouTube is a social powerhouse that is growing among older audiences rapidly. The  myth about YouTube being mostly for the Millennials is not true.      

YouTube Reaches more 18-49 Year-olds than any other Broadcast or Network TV Station

Studies conducted in 2016 show that 18-49 years olds rely more on YouTube  than TV stations to watch videos. On average 8 out of 10  people watch YouTube videos per month. It’s the potential hub for the B2B target audience.   

Online Video Platforms are Preferred By 6 out of 10  Viewers Instead of Live TV

On an average per month 6 out of 10 people depend on YouTube Videos for their recreation rather than the live TV. YouTube has been proven to be a guide of information as well. History, Geography, Python everything has at least one tutorial video  on YouTube. 

The Popularity of YouTube is Growing within the Younger Demographics

On average YouTube is popular among younger people than other platforms. 81% of 15-21 year olds rely on YouTube and access it.   

96% of online U.S. Teens are on YouTube

Teens prefer YouTube and it is popular among them. In fact, 96% of  teens who go online for  entertainment and education purposes access YouTube.  YouTube has a huge demand within this demographic.      

U.S. Produces Almost 15% Site Traffic of YouTube

People from the USA use YouTube the most. Following the USA is India with an 8.1% watching rate. Then comes Japan with a 4.6 % viewers rate.

Users reveal that 90% of them Come Across New and Unseen Products or Even Companies on YouTube

YouTube is a remarkable place for doing sales marketing for new products and services.

About one third of the most popular YouTube videos are in English

YouTube is versatile and it is offered in 81 different languages in 91 different countries. 33% of YouTube’s popular videos are in English.

YouTube Users are 3X More Likely to Watch a Tutorial than Reading Instructions

These days if anyone can not understand something, and needs to fix something or wants to make something, they make a quick search on YouTube for guidance. It is easy to watch YouTube and get a solution instead of reading a huge article. Statistically, users  are 3X more likely to  do so.

YouTube Usage Stats

YouTube is the World’s 2nd Largest Search Engine and Second-Highest Ranked Site

YouTube has been announced as the second-largest search engine after Google according to statistics. The second most visited site is also YouTube.

Per Day 5 Billion YouTube Videos are Consumed On Average

5 billion YouTube Videos which is about 1 billion hours  on average are consumed every day. Also, the amount of searching conducted per day is almost up to 3 billion. B2B content makers should utilize these opportunities and make sure relevant content gets found upon searches.

Mobile Devices Carry 70% of the YouTube Views

As now most people spend their time on their phones  YouTube content should be made mobile-friendly. Even B2B marketer and business work happen on a desktop but the B2B buyers go through YouTube videos on their smartphones.

7 in 10 people Default to Horizontal Viewing When Watching Videos Online

B2B business content makers need to remember one thing that 7 out of 10 people  watch videos horizontally according to  google. So, the videos need  to  be of good quality while viewed horizontally as well. 

Home Mobile YouTube Viewing Occurs the Mostly during the prime time

 Users mostly log on to youTubes during the prime hours’. YouTube. B2B marketers need to utilize those hours and boost their videos during those times.

YouTube’s Algorithm Sets the Consumption Amount

Algorithms play a significant role in determining 70% of what the users of YouTube consume. Among American YouTube users, 81% opt for the algorithm-recommended videos.

YouTube Sponsored Video Stats

Influencers are 92% of the Driving Force behind Branded YouTube Videos

People are more inclined to those videos that are directed by influencers. 92% of the driving force happens because of the influencer’s direct appearance or recommendations. B2B marketers can use influencers as a branding boost and collaborate with them for more audience generation.

51% of B2C and B2B Marketers Run YouTube Video Ads

Running ads on YouTube helps to generate finance and it  is also helpful for the viewers. B2B and B2C marketers run video ads as it helps them to derive results.

TrueView Ad Viewers are 10x Likelier to Get Involved on YouTube with the Brand

Organic video contents are informative and interesting to watch. Trueview ads are very useful for B2B market strategies. It has shown to be 10 times more engaging with your brand idea.

Among the B2B Technology Buyers, About 46% will Buy a Specific Service or Product Having Watched Relevant Video Content

A lot of people say that YouTube doesn’t generate conventions or sales. This is a misconception as 46% of B2B technology buyers buy products after watching a prominent video on YouTube about the product. YouTube is a significant platform to drive force and influence customers  into buying  a product.         

Online Videos are Being Watched by 75% of Lucky 500 Executives

B2B buyers are moving towards YouTube for reliable information about products. YouTube videos aid them in making thOvedecisions. Which makes YouTube an important platform for influencing the target market. 62% of businesses use this platform to derive customers.          

This article can help you tweak your video strategies, promote your brand’s YouTube channel, and also can help you make money through YouTube. Doing content marketing by making YouTube videos will gather audiences as well as raise awareness and establish authority. In U.S. search share, YouTube has been ranked 3rd.

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