In an era where digital communication took over print, some freelancers might be tempted to stop printing marketing material to cut down their costs. However, as tempting as it may be, it is probably not a very good idea. Some interactions with customers or potential customers will be better if they are done in a non-digital way. Following are some examples.

Business cards

If you only print one thing for yourself, make it the business card. As a normal, social human being, you should attend some clubs, networking events, or simply meet people in general. In those situations, the business card helps to keep in touch and makes you look more professional than writing your number on a piece of paper or calling each other to get the numbers.

Make sure that you at least feature those things on your card: your name (duh!), email address, phone number, website. Of course you can add more, but these are the bare minimum.

For some business card inspiration and ideas, I suggest that you take a look at those posts we featured on Designer Daily:


Yes, it’s good to have an online portfolio, it’s very important. However, if you are a graphic design, but even for web designers, it is mandatory to have a printed version of your portfolio. It is indeed rare to have no internet connection or computer (or smartphone) at hand, but it’s still a good idea to leave a printed version of your portfolio to your prospects. The printed version can sit on their desk whereas the online one will quickly be forgotten.

Also, most older clients will still prefer to check out your portfolio quietly away from the computer.

Greeting cards

Before anything else, people you work with are relationships. Like any other relationship, or even more than for others, you should try to be polite, thoughtful and well-mannered. One way to do it is to send snail mail to thank them when appropriate, to wish them good holydays, or whatever else that you should do if you are a polite human being.

Greeting cards are a very handy way to make this task easier. Just have a stack of it ready, and don’t forget to do your duty when appropriate.


I know, you surely don’t send letters very often anymore. However, when you do, you should do it with style. Be professional and get some well-designed letterheads and envelopes for when you send invoices or something else, maybe you’ll get paid quicker, who knows?


As you can see, there is not much that you need to print for your freelance business. It can help to make a difference to have this material, and it will not cost much. You can print those using your local print shop, online printing companies, or even your office printer.

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