interplay anatomy

Posts about graffiti art or street typography have already been published on Designer Daily, but this topic seems to be a neverending source of inspiration for designers, so enjoy it!

steam roller warden

Steam roller warden, by Banksy of course.


Underfoot in Sao Paulo.

modern monkeys

Three wise modern monkeys.


Cute graffiti by Level in Brasil.

animal farm

Animal Farm by Gaia.


Blu, from the Fame festival wrap-up.


This piece by Loki always makes me smile.

art urban affair

At Urban Affairs 09, Berlin.

interplay anatomy

Interplay Anatomy by Asker.

blu in ancona

Bottles by Blu in Ancona.


Awesome mural, see more like this one here.

plug by roadsworth

Plug by Roadsworth.

cut by roadsworth

Another street modification by Roadsworth.

banksy sniper

Banksy’s sniper, super famous but still one of my favorites.

banksy window

Another great piece by Banksy.

stencil art

Cool stencil art from Lisbon, Portugal.

shit on it

Shit on it, funny.

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