We communicate everyday with the street publics: design and architecture objects around us, our neighbours,  signs on the tops of the buildings in downtown of the city, department stores, city facades, or small billboards on bus stations in the form of ads. I find that street design in the form of typography that we see on the buildings, window shops, billboards, walls, road signs are very important part of city life as an analogue medium that sends the message to the passengers. As being someone who is researching and exploring digital performances in online world, my  “design I love” examples are randomly chosen on the streets in downtown of Belgrade, Serbia.

Street typography involves not only advertising goal in the message but also aesthetics and design in the context of that message. It can be static with an information (e.g. a poster, caution sign) or dynamic that changes habitus of everyday city consumers (e.g. billboards, window shops).What is common to them is variety of design graphic, typography styles (most of them are Cyrillic) and the message. So let’s go outdoors and explore Serbian street scene in this context.

Seen in Mandarina Duck store of industrial design goods made in Italy, downtown Belgrade.

“Galerija – Izlozi” in Cyrillic: Gallery of Art Academy and street cloth art. Kalemegdan, old city.

Plazma keks is one of the most famous Serbian brands – special unique kind of bisquit, similar to pettit beurre. Seen on bus station.

Beko was the famous department chain store in former Yugoslavia. it is interesting nowadays to see nostalgia historic leftovers from that time: Yugoslavian mementos and Beko’s Cyrillic logo. Seen in lower Dorcol, downtown Belgrade.

Wall ad, in Latin Serbian, offering kitchen elements to order, which is quite unusual to see in downtown of the city.

Immerse your soul in design! This article is written by Danica Radovanovic to Design you love group writing project.

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