Figure 1 Many of the best sports logos are simple

There are probably plenty of sports fans that don’t give a second thought to the logo that adorns the jersey, hat or helmet of their favorite players. To them it is just another part of the teams that they love – something that has just always been there and is accepted as part of the deal.

But when logos are poorly conceived and badly thought through it is a reflection of the organization itself. We thought we would celebrate some that really do work – and elevate the team purely sports to a design classic. These logos might more commonly be found at Canada Sports Betting – and other sports-related sites. But we want to get behind the design element.

New York Yankees

Arguably one of the most recognized logos on the planet – everyone knows the New York Yankees. It is a sign of great design and brand awareness that this logo can be found on clothing and hats the world over – including places where baseball is little known. Interlocking letters are very common in sports logos, but the Yanks do it better than almost anyone.

But this most famous of logos wasn’t designed for the Yankees. It wasn’t even originally designed for baseball at all. It was first used for a medal to commemorate the first New York police officer shot in the line of duty and later adopted by the New York Highlanders Baseball Club – who later became the Yankees.

Montreal Canadiens

Some sports organizations seem to be adapting, tweaking and overhauling their logo designs every couple of years as they endlessly attempt to keep up with the latest design trends. But it is not a surprise that most of the ones on this list have barely changed at all over the years.

The Montreal Canadiens are one of the original six in the NHL – although the organization predates the formation of the league. The logo is just about as old and is another masterclass in simplicity. The H stands for hockey and the C stands for club. The red, white and blue are the teams colors. Sometimes things don’t have to be so complicated.

Dallas Cowboys

Another simple masterpiece, the Dallas Cowboys star is the perfect symbol of America’s Team. Originally conceived in 1960, the white border was introduced just four years later to give a 3D effect. It has not been touched since. The lone star is a perfect choice for arguably the biggest sports team in Texas.

The color blue is also an important choice, evoking dependability and excellence. The simplicity of the design means that it can easily be used on merchandise, from helmets to key rings. Subtlety is not always something associated with Dallas and Texas – but this Cowboys logo is a design masterpiece.

Figure 2 The Dallas Cowboys star can be used in so many ways

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

For our fourth choice we move into the frenzied world of college sports. We like the interlocking N and D in white and gold on the navy blue jerseys – and the green shamrock that screams ‘Irish’. But the main Notre Dame logo we really love is the cartoon fighting leprechaun figure.

If it wasn’t such a much-loved symbol of the school it might actually be considered offensive. But this very old fashioned figure has stayed the test of time and sums up the attitude of the sports team it represents. There are various stories about how the Fighting Irish moniker came into being – but the logo is definitely a timeless classic.

Los Angeles Rams

There are a number of good logos in the NFL but we have decided to round off our little awards show with the all-new Super Bowl champs. The Rams logo has changed slightly recently – in color and design – but the main idea has remained the same and is an excellent way to symbolize the name of the team.

The Rams were actually the first football team to use a logo on their helmets when the original ram motif was painted onto the old-style leather headgear. Once again, a simple design has remained largely untouched.

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