Are you interested in properties for sale in Spain? If you do not like the coast and are looking for city life, the Spanish capital Madrid is a great option for you. When people ask if Madrid is suitable for families, the answer can only be “Yes”. And living in Madrid with your family is becoming an increasingly popular option thanks to its excellent education system, international schools, green parks, and much more. Madrid is also known as a safe city, making it even more attractive. Where do families live in Madrid? Let’s find the best places to live in Madrid for families, including areas in the city center and on the outskirts.

Areas for family life in Madrid

Choosing a suitable place to stay with your family can be a difficult decision, as there are a lot of factors – from schools to leisure, security and many others. The best locations of Madrid for family holidays are areas with lots of green gardens and parks, a broad range of schools and housing for any budget. 

So, the best destinations for families are Retiro and Chamberi in the center, as well as Arturo Soria, Conde de Orgaz, and Mirasierra, which are located in the city, but in more residential areas.


Madrid’s Retiro district is known for its large park, which will appeal to the whole family. It is also one of the safest areas of Madrid. There are excellent schools and various services in this area — almost everything you need is right at your doorstep. One of the disadvantages of this area of Madrid for families wishing to buy or rent real estate is high real estate prices because it is a prestigious location and close to the city center.


Located near the center of Madrid, Chamberi is another great option for families. This place is full of spacious squares and playgrounds, and the main street of the area, Calle Fuencarral, becomes pedestrian every Sunday for children’s entertainment until 14:00. The area also has public swimming pools, entertainment centers, public and private schools, and property prices, although still high, are lower than in Retiro, making Chamberi one of the best places to stay in Madrid for families.

Arturo Soria

Arturo Soria is the area that is closer to Madrid Airport. It is popular with families due to the large choice of public and private schools. Transport links are convenient, as the area is built up around the Arturo Soria metro station. This area is considered home to many Spanish families who prefer to live further from the center, in a less touristic and less crowded place.

In this area, you will find everything you need, including bars, restaurants, supermarkets, shopping malls, and much more. Since the area is close to metro stations and has good transport links, property prices remain high, but you will get more for your money than in the city center.

Conde de Orgaz

Conde de Orgaz is the most exclusive area of Madrid for family life. Although it is almost completely residential, this area is prestigious, and you will need a considerable budget if you want to buy or rent a property here.

Despite the high price, Conde de Orgaz is very popular with expat families in Madrid, especially with French families who send their children to the famous Lycée Français located nearby. This location is also great for those who want to live near the city, but not in an apartment, but in a house with a garden.


Mirasierra is a residential area of Madrid that continues to grow and is one of the most affordable options for families who want to live with good public transport and near the metro without overpaying for accommodation in the city center. The district is a transitional part between the outskirts of the city and the center.

Cities and municipalities outside Madrid

If you prefer to live outside the city, there are plenty of options in the ever-expanding suburbs of Madrid. You may need to use a car more often in these places, although many areas also have buses, commuter trains and metro that will easily take you to the center of Madrid.

One of the main advantages of living on the outskirts of Madrid for families is an affordable price for buying or renting real estate. You will get more: for your money, you will become the owner of a much more spacious and high-quality house with a large plot and a swimming pool.

Las Rosas

In the suburbs of Madrid, it is difficult to find a better place for family life than Las Rosas. Located just 15 minutes by car from the center of the Spanish capital, it has an ideal transport connection: numerous intercity buses run through the area and can take you directly to the Moncloa bus station in Madrid. Las Rosas also has international educational institutions with UK and US curricula.


Pozuelo is also an area where there are several prestigious international educational institutions, such as the British Council School. It was named the richest municipality in the country and the locality in Spain with the lowest unemployment rate. Therefore, it is not surprising that Pozuelo has one of the most luxurious areas of the country — La Finca. This place is home to many celebrities and rich people, including famous athletes and Formula 1 racer Carlos Sainz.


Alcobendas is another location of Madrid that is perfect for moving with your family. It combines completely different sides: from modest central streets to the luxurious quarter of La Moraleja, a favorite place of athletes. Alcobendas is becoming a favorite due to the variety of educational institutions, shopping and entertainment complexes, and inexpensive real estate. Alcobendas is located about 8 miles north of Madrid.

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