Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry, and one of the biggest sectors within that industry is mobile gaming. This burgeoning sector is responsible for a lion’s share of the revenue – so what is exactly driving the growth?

Whilst it’s partially down to the great game developers like NetEnt in Canada and other countries, there are other factors that are helping. Let’s take a closer look at this interesting phenomenon.

Smartphones on the rise

The main driver for the incredible growth is the simple fact that more people are getting access to smartphones. In 2022, there are more apps for both Apple and Android devices than ever before, and this has allowed mobile gaming to take over 53% of the gaming industry.

This takeover has seen console and pc gaming percentages drop steadily. The thinking of industry experts was that demand for mobile gaming would drop a percentage when the pandemic was over, but instead, it just continued to grow.

Easy accessibility

Mobile gaming is one of the most easily accessible forms of gaming. There is no other form of convenient gaming that allows such freedom – whilst you can get handheld consoles, most of them won’t have the same use as mobile phones, which has made them inferior in many people’s eyes.

Many people all over the globe have a smartphone and the price of data is going down and down. This allows these smartphone owners to enjoy their favorite mobile games almost anywhere at any time.

This can be when you’re just hanging out with your friends on a chill night or even whilst you’re on the way to work. This accessibility goes even further when you consider mobile games such as online casino games – people would have to physically go down to the casino to enjoy the games, whereas with these mobile casino games they can get the same enjoyment any place.

Upgrades in security

Many mobile games have options to purchase in-game items or have a flat fee to download and play. The industry was susceptible to different types of hackers and fraudsters when it was new, but thanks to modern-day tech such as data encryption, these worries have shrunk drastically. You should still be wary of hackers and ensure you are safe online.

The developers of these games take security incredibly seriously, working in conjunction with the app stores to make sure their games are secure at all times.

This knowledge that they’re playing in a totally safe environment has boosted the confidence of the players, which has in turn increased player numbers.

Better graphics

The advent of mobile gaming saw the likes of simple games with simple graphics – from the legendary Snake games that appeared on Nokia phones we progressed to more graphically intensive games such as Flappy Birds, Angry Birds and Candy Crush games.

Since then the graphics in mobile phones have greatly improved, allowing for almost console-like levels of graphical fidelity. Many huge hit console games have created mobile versions thanks to this – you can find games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield and Fortnite all with their own mobile counterparts, with these mobile counterparts having just as much action.

A more tech-driven society

This final reason is more culture driven than any kind of technology-based reason. With the times we are in, tech has advanced massively, to a point where most people around the world, even in lesser economic developed countries, have access or own a mobile device. It’s become the norm to daily life for most people.

The fact that tech has become a central part of daily life has seen a smooth progression in people playing games on their phones. This is especially pertinent with the younger generation, who on average play more games than the older generation. This doesn’t mean the older generation is left behind – many older people are tech-savvy and also enjoy the gameplay!


As you can see, the rise of mobile gaming has been from a multitude of reasons. From the fact that the graphics card of mobile phones has gotten better to the rise in the number of people using mobiles, this huge boost in growth can’t be narrowed down to just one core reason.

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