You won’t find a Wikipedia page about this somewhat elusive artist; despite the fact his profile continues to build year upon year. SN, equally inspired by nature and fantasy, is an imaginative artist. His use of contemporary mixed media artworks separates him from just about every other artist out there.

SN the artist uses his artwork to bring his unique perspective on the world to life. Many of SN’s most famous works are easily identified through his use of butterflies, which he will often use to decorate angelic women. In sharp contrast, he has also decorated fierce animals with butterflies too.

Whatever SN feels like decorating on a particular day, he will do. And those who wish to host his works don’t seem to mind what direction he takes either; all of SN’s works have been exhibited all over the world. His original pieces currently hang in galleries on six of the planets seven continents. It’s a pretty fair bet that, should they ever choose to build a gallery in Antarctica, SN would quickly go seven for seven.

Where it all began

Photography was SN’s first love in the world of art. At 12 years old, he traded in his bicycle for a Canon AE-1. Makes you wonder just what bicycle SN had and what the price of the AE-1 was at the time, as whilst the AE-1 was certainly one of the cheaper SLR’s on the market upon launch, that does not mean it was cheap!

Still, that is the way things happened, and the AE-1 allowed SN to express his love for nature and fantasy in a way he had never previously known through photography. This fantastic piece of technology from Canon still fetches a hefty price on eBay today, and there is no shortage of working examples out there. Perhaps you might want to purchase one, and stare through the lens to see if you too feel inspired to create fantastical artworks that could lead you into a career as a professional photographer?

Moving on…

In 2006, SN was seeking new inspiration; his earlier works focused entirely on photography, but now SN shocked the art world by presenting a new collection of mixed media artworks. This new stylistic collection was completely unique at the time, highlighting the artists passion for nature.

SN states that his works prior to this point had been focused on the “synergetic connections of humans and their natural surroundings”, a far cry from the more politically influenced pieces that he has created in recent years. SN’s recent works attempt to express the notion that modernization can always triumph over the forces of nature.  You will see this most clearly in his works which showcase the interactions of Native Americans and the white men who later came to the Americas.

And Back to the Magical

SN appears to occupy a different special environment to many of the rest of us. He conceptualizes images from the fantasy world that he sees around him and somehow manages to turn these into fully realized visions of emotion and color. The latest pieces by SN are said to be the outcome of a recent journey into a three-dimensional alternative reality. It’s tricky to interpret this without making assumptions, but it is certainly worth noting that SN is a multidisciplinary artist, who appears to be going back to his roots by using butterflies, overlaid with drawing and painting to create an imaginative palette of ink types, colors, and mounted elements, such as his trademark butterflies.

A Short Conclusion

The uniqueness of SN’s work makes it difficult to draw a conclusion about this artist without referring to his own website. The conclusion given there talks of SN’s desire to captivate his audience, capturing their hearts with sentimentalist ideas and exquisite imagery. An unashamed romantic, SN states that he feels the need to share his creative eye and the beauty that he sees with his audience – and wants them to fall in love with the pieces that result.

It seems SN is making excellent progress towards his goals as of 2021.

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