Not every mobile application is popular and it is not always because of its functionality. Even underdeveloped design and not taking care of User Experience issues can effectively discourage people from using the application. Developers must take into account needs, expectations and preferences of a target group, to which a product is addressed. It is also worth emphasizing that the UX/UI Design process is not only about the look of an application, it also includes analysis and research on customer potential behavior. Every company should start by establishing cooperation with an experienced and qualified UX Designer if it wants to create a functional and user-friendly application.

Why mobile app design and UX/UI are so important?

Even a seemingly perfect looking app will become useless if care is not taken to make it user-friendly, functional. Another issue is that the design of the application should be aligned with the branding of the company. While creating in accordance with UX and UI, one should keep in mind the results of observation of the target audience. It is necessary to determine the end user, his needs. A mobile application has to be an answer to the problems of the people for whom it is created. The success of the application in the near future largely depends on the properly developed UX and UI design. Of course, it is impossible to fully predict the reception of users, moreover, their needs and preferences are changing all the time, the same applies to trends and system requirements of devices.

The main principles in designing mobile applications

Before you move on to designing a digital product, you should start by carefully analyzing the competition in this industry. It may happen that a very similar application is already available and it does not make much sense to duplicate it. The focus should be on the specific category to which the mobile application belongs. Moreover, knowledge of the competition allows you to take appropriate action to stand out from it. It will be important to show what exactly distinguishes the application. In order to carry out an in-depth analysis, research should be done on the technology used, appearance, functionality, usability. Another point is to keep in mind the upcoming technologies while developing a mobile app. It is necessary to adapt to them. You should also take care of the logical layout of the mobile application, it must be simple, intuitive to use, clear. Adjusting the right user interface is one of the basics. You should strive to make the application as easy to use as possible, which will certainly meet with a positive response and translate into an increase in the number of active users. Skillful use of iconography is very important, everyone appreciates a specific message, suggestiveness, conformity of the evaluation with the emotional state.

What should be kept in mind when designing mobile applications?

In every mobile application it is extremely important to take care of proper navigation. It cannot be unclear, because it will become a source of frustration, something very troublesome for the user. Instead of focusing on individual interface elements, it is more important to skillfully convey the content. If it is not of good quality, you can count on lowering user interest in your mobile application. It is also important to choose the right colors, use them to emphasize important information. It will be advisable to introduce contrasts. The background should be left neutral, while important information and signals should be highlighted in color to make them immediately noticeable. This will have an impact on optimizing both the message and the conversion. When creating a mobile application, it is worth focusing on one-handed operation, as most users use smartphones in this way. You should also make sure that the application works as fast as possible, it cannot take long to load, because it will be very discouraging. Most of the activities should be hidden in the background, which will certainly be positively received by users.

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