It’s not likely that a US presidential candidate calls me one day to create his or her campaign logo, but if he or she did, I would probably refuse. We lastly saw it with the Hillary Clinton logo and the controversy about it, and it keeps on happening with every logo.

The last candidate mocked for a logo is Ted Cruz, the leading republican candidate (so far). Looking to build trust around his campaign, his communication team found a pretty good play on words that mixed his name with the word Trusted. The word TED comes in red and reminds us a bit of the TED events logo.

The problem with the logo comes from the other word created by highlighting the name of the candidate in red: TRUS. Some people googled it and found out that the first result that popped up was a webpage about… “transrectal ultrasound”.

Obviously, the marketing team couldn’t know this. They probably should have googled it themselves, but now is too late and a good occasion for the candidate’s opponents to have a good laugh.



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