A dining room is undoubtedly one of the most important places in the whole house. That’s the spot to socialize, connect, and have a great time together. No wonder you want to make it the best it can be. Having some well-balanced, cohesive space can really affect people’s frame of mind.

Lots of people still underestimate the power of proper furniture placement and color match. Utility and aesthetics are one thing, but the energy flow and peace of mind are another.

What is Feng Shui?

Let’s start with a definition. Feng Shui is a Chinese belief assuming that spatial arrangement and orientation need to be related to chi (good energy). It’s about how people arrange things at home to influence their health, success, and happiness.

Ways to Create Energy Flow

Below we pointed out some interesting tips that can help you create Feng Shui in your dining room.

Light Your Space Up

Proper lighting is crucial to achieving a balanced Feng Shui and probably the most crucial factor in ambiance creation. In the energy flow world, lightning has its unique principles – lights represent the fire element, which is one of five components that bring harmony and balance to space.

Lightning in your dining room should be a combination of Yin energy (darkness) that symbolizes the moon and affects intimacy, and Yang energy (daylight) that is closely linked with socializing and vitality.

If you want to combine both energies, it’s best to look for small ‘darkness’ lightning; some of the best led plinth lights may be your answer. When it comes to daylight, the natural light is the best, but in case there is not enough of it in your room, invest in warm-toned lighting and place it in the middle of the ceiling.

Balance the Colors

When it comes to choosing the right colors, there are a few ways to do it according to Feng Shui rules; the most recommended one is the Bagua map method. Each component of the map has a specific color. If your dining room faces north, it means you should focus on the blue shades; if it faces south, your theme colors should represent the opposite – warm, reddish tones.

However, there is no need to use intense colors to paint the entire room. It might be overwhelming and tiring for your eyes. Focus on neutral colors that can optically enlarge the room, then add some of the guiding colors you chose from the Bangua map method to revive the area and keep the tones well-balanced.

Stay Close to Nature

Feng Shui is about the natural balance, so there’s no better way to achieve it than incorporating some plants. Placing some greens in your dining room will fill the space with vital energy and create a friendly, cozy atmosphere. Don’t forget to take care of the plants. If you don’t give them enough light, water, and space, they will start taking away the good energy.

It’s also an excellent way to separate the dining room from other places. If your dining room is, for example, connected to the living room, you can create a line to separate the two areas. It also is considered helpful when maintaining vital energy.

Table Position

A table is the center of the dining room. It needs to fit well and look good; that’s why the first thing to consider when choosing a table is its size. This piece of furniture should be large but can’t take all the space. For good Feng Shui, it is recommended to choose a round table, simply because its shape brings up an absolute balance. Once you put it exactly in the middle of the room, the good energy flow would go straight through the dining room.

Hang a Mirror

A clever trick for the good Feng Shui of the dining room is placing the mirror near the table as a decoration. It has a few great advantages. First of all, the mirror amplifies the daylight of the space and creates an illusion of a much larger room.

Secondly, the reflection on the mirror doubles all the dishes and drinks on the table, which signifies “life wealth.” However, you should be careful with mirror placement. A reflection of a bathroom or a kitchen will bring bad energy to the dining room.

The Bottom Line

Well-thought home decoration and applying Feng Shui rules can help you maintain a balance in your house, bring calm and good energy. The right placement of the furniture, the colors of the walls, and decorations have a significant impact on people’s frame of mind and the overall feeling of comfort.

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