When choosing the best email design and marketing software, companies should consider quite a large number of aspects. The latter include pricing, uptime, tech support, template design options, ease of use, email deliverability, automation and integration capabilities, and any additional features the business needs.

The best email design software should allow you to: easily build your emails from scratch, segment your mailing list, personalize your communications with customers, and view analytics reports. Most importantly, your emails should always reach your customers’ main inboxes.

After all, email marketing is about sending the right message to the right users, at the right time.

With that said, let’s take a look at our list of the best email design software tools and services. We believe that you can find something that perfectly fits your business goals here.

Top 10 Email Design Software Tools and Services


MailChimp is probably familiar to everyone who has ever been interested in email marketing and design. It’s a favorite tool of bloggers and small businesses, mostly due to its intuitive design, high deliverability, and convenient eCommerce tools. For us, this tool has become something of a gold standard in functionality and convenience.

MailChimp is one of the popular newsletter services that integrates with many apps, including Google Analytics, Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop platforms. Although, it has enough benefits without that, including a large number of templates, adaptable design, and the ability to segment audiences by behavior. It can be an abandoned shopping cart, browsing without buying, unfinished page views, clicking on a link without further actions, etc.

MailChimp features:

  • Fully-featured web service with a convenient mobile app;
  • Integration with external services: StoryXpress, Tilda, Google, Facebook, Shopify, and APIs;
  • Email preview for mobile devices;
  • Integration with Google Analytics;
  • Detailed reports (including in the mobile app);
  • The free version includes DKIM;
  • Newsletter management;
  • Stylish templates for various subjects;
  • Convenient email editor for separate blocks;
  • Comparative reports on various branches;
  • Powerful animations on the site.

MailChimp helps you manage your lists, add new subscribers, customize your email design, create unique campaigns, and view reports. Conveniently, you can create a campaign on your PC and run it on your phone via the app. 

The in-built intuitive block editor and detailed knowledge base for novices are also quite impressive.

In addition, the service stands out with a convenient form builder and a unique module that automates all prepared newsletters. Businesses will appreciate the possibility to integrate the mailing service not only into the company’s website but also into a full-fledged CRM. If you want, MailChimp can also be integrated with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 

Benchmark Email

There are plenty of SaaS tools that provide email marketing services. As a result, it becomes difficult for marketers to choose the right cost-effective platform that serves their marketing purpose. Benchmark Email is a feature-rich email marketing platform that is a boon for small businesses and enterprises. However, as a marketer, you must be knowing the difference a landing page creates in conversion; with Benchmark Email, you can make multiple landing pages. Furthermore, you can publish these landing pages to your subdomain that give consistent branding across the entire user experience.

Benchmark Email’s Automation Pro lets you create an automated personalized email campaign. For example, you can automate your welcome email for the subscriber, convert that subscriber into prospects by lead nurture campaigns, and move your subscriber to the customer list once you have a purchase confirmation. Further, you can engage the customer with automated email campaigns depending on their engagement with your products.

Benchmark Email Standout features:

  • Pro Marketing Automation.
  • Email White labeling.
  • Integrates with 1500+ web services.
  • Image gallery and Video storage.
  • Live Chat & Phone Support.
  • Customer support in 9 different languages.
  • Free HTML email template for different business verticals.


Stripo is designed for everyone who likes beautiful and adaptive emails and appreciates their time. Maybe you are facing the problem of preparing an email for a newsletter using too many online services. Are you tired of switching dozens of tabs and using your graphic editor to make sure the email will look perfect everywhere? Stripo will save your time and nerves.

With this tool, you’ll build an email in any format without knowing HTML. We bet it will take you not more than 15 minutes to get to know and master Stripo.

Keep in mind that Stripo doesn’t send emails – it’s an online tool designed exclusively for creating email templates. Moreover, it also integrates seamlessly with your email marketing service.

Stripo features:

  • Built-in mini-photoshop;
  • Instant video loading;
  • Smart-blocks that fill product cards via a link;
  • Ability to archive ready-to-use blocks;
  • Integration with popular newsletter services;
  • Desktop and mobile separate optimization;
  • Built-in library of images and email templates.

Stripo is an all-in-one editor for those who like a convenient interface, speed, and logical functions.

The free package (1 user, 1 project, 2 templates per project) has limited access and allows you to export 4 emails per month and 5 test emails daily. The paid business package is $100/year – you get 300 emails to export and full access to Libraries. For agencies, the cost is $250, and you get limitless possibilities and a domain name to send emails.

Lastly, Stripo’s fast and caring tech support will not leave you without your answers. 


AWeber is one of the most popular email marketing services. It includes a wide range of marketing tools for both small and medium-sized businesses. You can expect powerful features including customizable templates, reports, broadcast messages, campaign launches, and much more. AWeber also comes as a mobile app that gives you the ultimate convenience on your phone. In fact, you can also this service for customer relationship management, newsletters, and as an answering machine.

Getting started with AWeber is a no-brainer. The service integrates seamlessly into all popular platforms, including WordPress.

You’ll have access to ready-made email templates, a list to manage contacts and newsletters, performance tracking tools, and the ability to view a detailed report.

Customer support options include live chat, phone, email correspondence, webinars, and a rich collection of guides/tutorials.

AWeber can be used for free (500 subscribers, 3,000 email sends per month, 1 profile) and then upgrade to a paid version, which starts at $16 per month (billed annually).


A great all-in-one email marketing automation tool (free version or from $8 per month or more depending on your email list).

Moosend is an automation tool that allows you to build your email list, personalize messages, and automate tasks so you can better focus on customer relationships.

Moosend’s marketing campaign builder features intuitive email templates with drag-and-drop support. This tool allows you to add images, text blocks, social media icons and more to your emails. You can also expect a large library of email templates with a variety of responsive layouts that look great on desktop or mobile devices.

Automation capabilities are a hallmark of Moosend. Using its “Recipes” (ready-to-use automation templates), you can automate your upsells (higher-priced sales) and customer outreach messages to increase customer engagement and loyalty. Each automation includes three main components: triggers, control steps, and actions. When you combine all three, you can filter mailing list segments and send email sequences when a set specified action occurs.

Additional Moosend features:

  • Landing page tools allow you to create customizable web pages with email sign-up forms to increase conversions;
  • Automated transaction flows (templates) allow you to personalize emails and develop customer relationships with ease;
  • Customizable newsletter signup forms. You can create forms with your own design to make visitors more willing to subscribe to your newsletter.


HubSpot is often called the best email marketing software for marketers (free or $50/month). It allows the most versatile set of integrated marketing tools on the market. 

Using HubSpot’s email marketing software you can easily compose, design, optimize, and send beautiful emails. HubSpot provides a ton of customizable features. Also, you are free to choose pricing plans and upgrade to more full-featured plans regardless of the size of your company.

When creating an email, you can either use one of the ready-made templates or start from scratch. These templates allow you to add text, images, buttons, dividers, and a wide variety of elements and layouts.

Once you’re happy with your email design, you can use the preview feature. The latter allows for different email recipients, devices, or email clients such as Gmail, Apple Mail, and Office 365. This feature is extremely useful. Themes, text previews, and email content can look different depending on the end user’s email client. Previewing emails ensures that they look outstanding in any inbox.

Personalization is another strong point of HubSpot. As with the standard tools, you can personalize your email content based on common merge tags, e.g. the recipient’s name. 

Moreover, you can also personalize content based on the user device, newsletter segment, and geographic location. In addition, you can perform A/B testing of your email topics and content to confidently push your open and click-through rates to the limit.

Once you’re ready to hit the button to start sending and publishing your email, you can use the Smart Send feature. It allows you to adjust the sending time and maximize the impact of the email on your customers’ interest in your products/services.

Once the email is sent, it’s time to check out the metrics. HubSpot’s analytics dashboard gives you data on your email opens and clicks, as well as info on how much time was spent viewing your email.

The ability to see whether subscribers read your emails in full, diagonally or only glance through them is one of the best reporting tools to see how much of your email content affects subscribers’ interest.


ConvertKit was created by creators and for creators.  The dev team understands the needs of its customers and knows how much effort it takes to increase subscribers.

ConvertKit can boast attractive newsletter opt-in forms. It will also increase your conversions with automated emails and organize your list of subscribers to maximize their engagement.

Bloggers who want to send personalized text emails will feel as if they come straight from Gmail.

In addition, ConvertKit offers advanced email sequences based on both site and email actions. Advanced triggers give you great options for segmenting your email list.

ConvertKit advantages:

  • You can use advanced email list segmentation that depends on different actions to personalize your sales funnels;
  • Your text in emails look professional and don’t contain annoying branding elements;
  • The best emails for your blog will be strictly text-based. You don’t have to worry about fancy designs, adding your logo or a set of images;

The bottom line is that ConvertKit is a great sales funnel platform.


Mailigen is the best tool in terms of integration capabilities (cost – $10/month). It’s a cloud-based email marketing solution designed for small to mid-sized companies in a variety of industries. The latter include eCommerce, advertising, banking, media, and more.

Mailigen key features:

  • Email list segmentation;
  • Email automation;
  • Campaign analytics; 
  • Newsletter signup form builders; 
  • Ready-to-use templates; 
  • Online surveys.

In addition, Mailigen users get access to a variety of online survey integration options and SMS exchange capabilities.

The solution allows you to drag and drop text blogs, images, and other elements to compose your perfect marketing email. You can also expect convenient design tools, customizable templates, and email styles to help create/manage your marketing campaigns.

Moreover, Mailigen integrates with eCommerce and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


Readsom is a carefully selected collection of newsletters and emails. You can read them online or subscribe. As the slogan of the project states, with this tool, you can create content your subscribers will want to read. 

Here, you can find wonderful newsletter templates with cool design and development options, which you didn’t even know existed.


SendInBlue is one of the best free email marketing services. It offers 9,000 free emails per month. You’ll also get access to a rich library of email templates, an unlimited number of contacts, and mobile-optimized designs. 

This service has a daily limit on the number of emails you can send. In addition, every letter will have the SendInBlue logo. However, this service is one of the cheapest on the market. Plus, it comes with a convenient free plan that is also available for novices. 

If you’re looking for a service that offers a great combination of SMS campaigns, WordPress compatibility, and subscription options, this tool might be just for you.

Now, if you’re looking for something a little more serious, you might want to check out their plan with up to 40,000 emails per month. It will only cost you $7.37 per month!


Chamaileon is a handy service with a nice interface that allows you to create letters in a team. You have a collection of amazing templates for both promotional and transactional emails (5 emails per month). All templates are free and can be edited online. The results can be exported in HTML or as an archive.

You can create your own email blocks or use pre-made options, manage the display of elements depending on the screen size, and preview results. There’s also an in-built image editor, a collaborative editing function, and integration via Zapier. 

Chamaileon features:

  • All templates are free;
  • Free integration via Zapier;
  • Convenient email storage by separate folders;
  • Clear and intuitive guidelines;
  • Drag and drop blocks to the side (not just up and down).


In email marketing, nuances can solve everything – we know that from our own experience. Use our tips and tools, get inspired, and improve your newsletters! With high-quality emails, your audience will expand and become even more loyal. 

Since there are many great tools on the market, it ultimately comes down to how much you’re willing to pay for such a tool, as well as what features are most important to you.

Pay attention to the cost, convenience, email deliverability, template design options, sets of tools available, and unique features you need for your project.

If you already have some ideas, know that not every email client displays emails the way you’d like them to.Thus, you want to test your emails in different email clients and on different platforms before sending them to your subscribers.One simple way to do it is to conduct regular in-email surveys using a survey software to create emails that are appealing to your email list.  

Trust us, it will save you a lot of nerves and effort.

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