Since YouTube has entered the content marketing scene, no other platform has stood a chance to beat it at its forte. As YouTube is growing every day and so are the creators and businesses with it, it has become super important to know how to increase the number of views on your YouTube videos and get more people to watch them as well. This is because, we are slowly rapidly moving towards an age, where content would be the most important aspect of marketing, and to be prepared for those days you need to read this article. In this article we are going to tell you 5 hacks to increase your views on YouTube, so stick around till the end. However, one simple way to achieve several goals is to buy YouTube subscribers and YouTube views, which we will elaborate on, later in this article. But before that let us understand a few things about YouTube.

YouTube is the world’s largest user-generated content platform. Since people watch more than 1 billion hours of content on YouTube every day, it has become very important for online businesses to market on YouTube. YouTube video promotion services are quite beneficial to grow quickly. To grow big on YouTube, there is one thing you need for sure, that is views. Views help you get into the eyes of people across the globe and hence making it possible for you to promote your products and services online, without spending money on marketing ads instead of earning money for it. Now that you understand the urgency of understanding how to increase your views, let’s jump right in:-

1. Create content that compels people to watch

Creating compelling content is easy to say but tough to do. What exactly goes into making a good piece of content you ask? Well, the answer is simple to hear. All it needs is a high-quality video, with content that is valuable, informational, entertaining, or inspiring. Now that is easier said than done. To make the content of that level, you need to research that level as well. If you put in the hours in making the content, you will get it back in watch time. This is how YouTube works. So making content that is well thought, well scripted, well-edited, and balanced in all aspects, is the perfect recipe for a good YouTube video. 

2. Write a good title

One of the most important aspects of a video is the title. This is because most people judge your content based on your thumbnails and your title. Also, the title is very important from the SEO aspect as well. There are a few ways to write a good title and those include clickbait, exaggeration, and hyperboles. Well, there isn’t much difference between these. Talking about click-baiting first, this technique is used to make the title catchy by using the names of famous personalities or places. There might not be anything of that sort in the video, but the title is used to make sure that people just click on the video and you get a view. The next on the list is an exaggeration or hyperbole, which means hyping up a specific part of your video, when it may, in reality, be normal. This makes people click on the video and earn you a view. No matter whichever technique you use, always make sure to put the keywords in diligently to get more help from YouTube SEO.

3. Create good thumbnails

We’ve mentioned this over 100 times now, that thumbnails are the deciding factor of whether people will watch your video or not. This is because thumbnails are what people use to judge what’s in the video and then click on it. The recipe for a good thumbnail is a high-quality graphic, with contrast colors, bold typography, and expressive emotions. If you manage to get that on a platter for the thumbnail, we can guarantee that your video is going to get a ton of views. Talking about the graphics first, make sure it’s the right size, keep the colors to high contrast and add the most important things in bold and highlighted topography. Once that is done, you have the base ready. Now, working on the image that goes on a thumbnail, make sure it expresses any of the following emotions, grief, anger, surprise, shock, or joy, as relevant to the video. If you manage to do that, then your thumbnail is ready to go on the video and earn you views like never before.

4. Using tags

Another way to boost your YouTube SEO and to improve your ranking in the search results are to make sure that you use tags on your videos. Also, keep in mind that these tags are relevant to the content you’re creating because otherwise, it’s going to kill the engagement on your video. For example, if you’re making a fashion video, you can add major fashion designers in the tags and also a few other tags like the style you’re trying to portray. Once you do this, the people searching for the things you mentioned in the tags, will also get to see your videos and hence get you more views, this is a great technique to get more views on your videos without much effort.

5. Buy YouTube subscribers

Last but not the least, buying YouTube subscribers is a great way to make sure of growth on your YouTube channel. This is because buying engagement does not just increase the numbers but also increases the organic engagement you receive on your channel. This happens because the existing user base acts as an anchor for more people to hop on board. To ensure this happens you have to buy YouTube subscribers, as it gives you a headstart, if the engagement that you buy is 100% genuine speaking of ingenuity, a lot of fo websites are not completely reliable when it comes to selling engagement for social media platforms and hence we recommend you buy from websites like Viralyft and GetViral. These websites are high-quality service providers and hence can help you out in your YouTube journey as well.


The above-mentioned hacks are the fundamentals of getting your videos to the verge of virality and hence they must be tried before anything else. If you haven’t tried these yet, then we highly recommend you use them right away and we’re sure you will be rewarded with great YouTube success. till then, happy YouTubing!

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